Binaural Bob Ross Inspired ASMR Role Play With Dark Feather For Tingles And Relaxation Hot Girl

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining me on my 200th video! This ASMR video features: “Dark Feather,” brush sounds, scraping, soft speaking, uncapping, and “crinkle shirt” sounds (as made popular by MassageASMR). For many of us, Bob Ross videos are some of our earliest memories of being triggered. I wanted to pay homage to him (without being able to paint to save my life) and interact with you guys—so I was inspired by something jacksepticeye does called “Drawing Your Tweets.” If you tweeted me with #BobRossMyTweet and an idea, you might see yours in this video. This video was HARD (two cameras, one binaural mic, one stereo clip mic) to complete. I really needed an additional camera person and a ton more space, but I did the best I could with what I had. I REALLY hope it works for you, because I wanted this to be a celebration of you guys, ASMR, and our journey thus far making this channel together. Happy Viewing!
PS. The credits for the tweets at the end…

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Music composed, performed, and bestowed upon me by the amazing Kiwiwhispers ASMR:

Want more Dark Feather? She’s either in the spa or the library!
Need a facial?
Looking for a book?

Looking for an ASMRtist who can paint like Bob Ross? Check out Brad Robbo:

Other awesome ASMR Bob Ross videos:
Paul Artwork:

Microphone I use: Free Space Pro – Binaural Microphone

Audio clip “Talking Crowd at House Show” by fishgerms provided under a creative commons license found here:

Audio clip “Church crowd sitting down” by cormi provided under a creative commons license found here:

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