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【ASMR】SKSKSK【Binaural Recording】

ASMR – sksksk sounds with traffic in the background. I’ll remake this when I move to a quieter place… (Feel free to comment) Mic. used: The Yeti (Blue) Recording Software: Audiacity Editing Software: Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 Twitter: @mata_iu Channel:

ASMR | Trigger Words (Sksksk, NomNomNom, Sleepy, Stipples, …) ♡

N’oubliez pas vos écouteurs pour un maximum de détente ♡ Coucou tout le monde ! Voici une nouvelle vidéo trigger words, qui est une des catégorie de vidéo que je préfère dans l’ASMR. Elles me font m’endormir instantanément, et j’espère que celle-ci saura vous relaxer ! Donnez moi vos avis et vos idées de prochaines […]

ASMR Twin Trigger Words + SkSkSk + Head/Ear Touching

Happy International ASMR Day! Thank you so much to everyone who joined my first live stream tonight! That was amazing! I had so much fun chatting with you . Hey everyone 🙂 Quick note: Ive just moved house and may not be able to upload next Sunday because I dont yet have internet. If I […]


In this ASMR video I will whisper 25 Dutch trigger words in your ears. Trigger sounds included are: whisper, breathy whisper, whisper ear to ear, sksksk, slslsl, . In this ASMR video you can listen to breathy whispers ear to ear and wet mouth sounds during this second dutch trigger words video!! Triggers are: breathy […]

ASMR Trigger Words | Stipple, Relax, Sleepy, sksksk | Ear to Ear Whispering

Thanks for checking out my video! My last trigger words video was kind of short, so I decided to make a new one, this time a lot longer! Hope you enjoy 🙂 If you like it, please consider subscribing 🙂 Find me online: ► SKETCH-VLOG CHANNEL: ► TWITTER: ► INSTAGRAM: ► SNAPCHAT: […]

ASMR français | SKSKSK | Whispers | Mouth Sounds

Après avoir défié un bon nombre de soucis techniques et de bruits (ça vit un peu trop chez moi ! En témoigne quelques cuts), je suis parvenu tout de même à vous livrer cette seconde vidéo ! Au programme : son “Sk” et quelques improvisations autour de celui-ci… Accompagnés bien sûr de chuchotements et d’un […]

Asmr Sounds & Visuals for Sleep / Relaxation – Liquid sounds/ Sksksk collab with ASMR Creativity

Enjoy this calming relaxing video! Sounds and visuals for sleep 🙂 A collab with the awesome ASMR creativity — he did some amazing visuals for this collab.. please go check out his awesome channel 🙂 Sloshing shaking water sounds .. sksksks.. multi layer effect. Enjoy! Please click like .. comment… subscribe my social media […]

ASMR Tingly Triggers | Tapping, SkSkSk, and More!

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate all the wonderful sounds! (I’ll most likely make a longer version (maybe with more triggers) later) Timestamps: Intro – (00:00 – 00:33) Candy Wrapper – (00:33 – 01:25) Keyboard Clicking Sounds – (01:30 – 02:30) SkSkSk – (02:30 – 03:15) Book Tapping (and page turning) – (03:15 – […]