ASMR Wicked Witch Broom Shopping (Wicked Wisdom Day# 1)

Welcome to your first day at the Wicked Wisdom Convention. Today you’ll be meeting with the Wicked Witch of the West to shop for a brand new broom.

The Spring Getaway will run from March 25th to April 6th, 2015. Every day of your trip I will upload a new video for your Wicked Wisdom Convention vacation.

Day 1: Shop for a broom with the Wicked Witch
Day 2: Lamia’s Magical anti-aging secrets seminar
Day 3: Hair styling with Cruella
Day 4: Mother Gothel’s Magical Blooms workshop
Day 5: Queen of Heart’s Cooking Class
Day 6: Shattered Slipper Spa Treatment
Day 7: Relationship advice from Mrs. Hook
Day 8: Maleficent’s Creature Companion seminar
Day 9: Private Tour of Ursula’s Vocal Collection
Day 10: Evil Queen’s Devilish Devices Tech Booth

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