ASMR LEGENDARY TAPPING | 1,5 hour no talking compilation

ASMR ZEITGEIST performs his most LEGENDARY TAPPING! Fast tapping, slow tapping, aggressive or soft tapping. This 1,5 HOUR (!) no talking compilation contains everything your ASMR loving heart desires!

Enjoy the binaural trigger sound of sweet tapping on over 30 different objects with various speed and intensity.

Put your headphones on and enjoy some deep relaxation, healthy sleep and of course nice tingles!


This compilation features clips from the following videos. Check them out! 🙂

ASMR TINGLE TWINS | Ear to Ear Whispering, Awesome Triggers & Lots of Kitty Cats

ASMR TAPPING OVERLOAD | Intense 3D Tapping, Tingly Materials & Male Whispering

ASMR | Hands, Gloves & Whispering (German/English)

ASMR TAPPING TORNADO | Intense 3D Trigger Sounds & Male Whispering

ASMR TINGLES BY THE FIRE ✰ Whispering ✰ Tapping ✰ Scratching ✰ Fire Sounds ✰ Wood Sounds

STICKIEST ASMR ✰ Sticky Tapping & 3D Sticky Sounds ✰ Male Whispering

TINGLE TWINS CURE YOUR ASMR IMMUNITY ✰ Tapping, Scratching, Lid Sounds & More ✰ Male Whispering

ASMR TINGLY Q&A | Tapping, Brushing & Scratching | Male Whispering

ASMR HIGH SPEED TAPPING | Fast. Aggressive. No Mercy.

ASMR Liquids, Lids & FiZzZz

ASMR TINGLE VISUALIZER | Trigger Words & Tapping


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Creating ASMR videos is great fun, but it takes time and effort. Your support and donations are much appreciated. I will spend all donations on props and equipment.

Email: [email protected]


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Thank you!

Bye.. 🙂

asmr zeitgeist

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