ASMR ✰ Binaural Mic Brushing ✰ Soft Whispering ✰ Personal Attention

Hey, cute ears! 🙂 Let me take care of them. Therefore I got various soft and fluffy brushes to use them on different mics.
A furry microphone wind muff will also be involved. Enjoy the gentle strokes while I softly whisper to you.

Please wear headphones to experience this binaural ASMR video in full sound quality.

Time stamps:

1:22 Powder brush
7:28 Kabuki brush
10:57 Two brushes simultaneously
14:46 powder brush and soft blowing on wind muff
22:20 stroking the mic with the wind muff (intense)

Hope you enjoy this video.
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Creating ASMR videos is great fun, but it takes time and effort. Your support and donations are much appreciated.♥ I will spend all donations on props and equipment.


Just in case you’re interested in my equipment:


ASMR or “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response“ describes a pleasurable sensation (Tingles) in the scalp or spine triggered by various stimuli.The most common trigger is soft whispering. It can also be induced by crinkling, tapping or scratching different materials.

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Thank you very much for your interest.

Bye.. 🙂

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