2. ASMR – Relaxing Academic Advisor Role-Play [soft-spoken/whisper]

I role-play a graduate advisor/tutor/supervisor and show you some books I think you should read! Also, I’m wearing my scarf as Maria taught in her video! I also write a little, speak with an accent (I think), and say some jargon (from Literary Theory) and some words in different languages. I bring some background and details on each book.

The word “advisor” may be confusing and change meaning from country to country. This is what I mean:

Sometimes I shift from soft speaking to whisper and back. I’m sorry, I’m still new to this and don’t know my own voice very well!

I decided to include some of the interruptions so as to give a more accurate representation of a real meeting with your advisor! =P

Maria’s scarf video

These are the books I show:

Homer – The Odyssey

Jacques Derrida – Of Grammatology (different cover)

Jacques Derrida – Writing and Difference

Jacques Derrida – Dissemination

Jacques Derrida – The Beast and the Sovereign

Matthew Calarco and Peter Atterton (Eds.) – Animal Philosophy

Matthew Calarco – Zoographies

Cary Wolfe – Animal Rites

Giorgio Agamben – The Open

J. M. Coetzee – The Lives of Animals

(If you arrived here via ways other than the ASMR community, know that ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and that this video is meant for relaxation only, and is not truly academic.)

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