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ASMR Binaural Trigger Words – TK, SK, Stipple – Close Breathy Whispers

Hello everybody, welcome to my a new installment in my ‘Trigger Word Assortment’ series. All of these words, were requested by the lovely people of Facebook. Please leave me your desired words in the comments! – NEW REWARDS – and efficient content, support my Patreon: My Last Video: Want more Trigger word assortments?: Triggers […]

ASMR Relaxing Back Tracing, Brushing and Scratching | Writing Words

Triggers you will find: scratching back, tracing and brushing with different brushes, soft spoken, hand movements. I’m always searching the best equipment, you can help me here : ???INSTAGRAM: ???FACEBOOK: ???SPOTIFY: chiara asmr ?I POST NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY AND FRIDAY! ? ? If you are a make-up, fashion, beauty company you can […]

I PINKY SWEAR You WILL Fall Asleep To This | Trigger Words & Mouth Sounds

I WILL Trigger YOU….. Trigger words you will find in this video Good Okay Piper Picked a Pepper Brush Stipple Sk Sk Tap Dab Blend Paint Allora Te Amo Gracias Bella Pluck Scan Perfect Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Coconut Tick Tock Click Clack Today Tickle *and added Mouth Sounds and Tongue Clicking ***More info and Social Media accounts […]

ASMR Saying Your Name + Trigger Words A – Z

¯_(ツ)_/¯ Gram me, tweet me, if you wanna reach me ~ ☆ ★ Gibi ASMR’s Original “Whispering Your Name” Video: WHICH TRIGGER WORDS ARE YOUR FAVORITE? Try Online Therapy via BetterHelp: Want a CUSTOM VIDEO? Check out my Patreon! ✗ PATREON – ⟩⟩⟩ I post exclusive audio recordings, videos + BTS […]

LAYERED ASMR | Camera Touching Brushing | Rain Sounds | Trigger Words

Hey Tinglers, This is a requested layered asmr video. The layers are: Camera Touching / Brushing, Rain Sounds, and Trigger Words. I hope you like it! ► PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ◄ Have you subscribed yet? Please do so and also turn on notifications. This will hugely help my channel. ► BECOME A PATRON ◄ ► […]

ASMR – Trigger Words to Trigger Your Triggering Tingles + Names

Let me ask you one question. Do these trigger words trigger your tingly trigger experience? If not, what can i do next time to improve the way your tingle receptors experience tingly trigger words. Thank you! Have a nice day! ──────────────────────────── Follow me: ? ? ? ──────────────────────────── Download HD audio from this video: ? […]