ASMR Pure Whisper ❤️ 60 Human Body Facts ? Ear to Ear Whispering Interesting Facts about Your Body ?

#asmr #whispering #asmrmagic ❤️ Hello! This ASMR session is a pure ear to ear whispered (aside from a tiny bit of phone tapping in the beginning because, intro! ?) facts about the human body. I picked facts that I found interesting but I came across a lot that were quite gross, so I tried to leave those out so as not to disturb your relaxation lol. I hope you enjoy and find this relaxing and sleepy. Lots of love ~ Rhi ✨? xoxo

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❤️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo

P.S. That is not at all how Arrector Pili is pronounced, oopsie ?

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