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Hello Everybody,

Welcome to ASMR with Anna. This is my fifth ASMR video in my series of fantasy role-plays called Kellswake: The Land Between Dreams and Wake. Puxie the Elf was the first character that appeared in the Kellswake universe, Feldon the Farrier, who moonlights as a blacksmith, was the second, Tallie of Talliemag’s Bakery was the third, and Kellkith the Ranger, a wild Warrior Princess. I’ve linked all of those videos down below if you’d like to check them out. I’ve been so excited to introduce you to Mirathian, The Oracle of Ardendale. I enjoyed putting this video together so much. I got to experiment with all kinds of things, and trying to make it all work has been pretty fun. I really hope you like it!
Some of the characters you’ve already met in this ASMR Narrative Fantasy Series will be reappearing, so hopefully you’re excited to see some familiar faces pop up again. I love all of these characters, writing them, playing them, building the world around them, and I hope you do too!
Just a little bit of background about me: I started watching ASMR videos years ago when I was suffering from severe anxiety. I credit the creators of those ASMR videos with helping me calm my anxiety, and I have wanted to give something back ever since. I couldn’t figure out how to create these kinds of relaxing videos in a way that felt authentic to me, until I realized I could combine my love of ASMR with my love of storytelling. Thus, Kellswake was born, and eventually ASMR with Anna. I have written the First Season of Kellswake, and have absolutely adored every moment of it! I wanted to create a place where self-empowerment and relaxation could be the underlying themes of an epic fantasy saga that was both engaging and peaceful. I have been inspired by so many ASMRtists, and am really excited to join this community. I love each and every one of you, and I cannot thank you enough for watching my little video.
Each of these role-play videos will include many different props, sets and costumes all of which I either find or make myself. If you are at all interested in becoming a Patron of ASMR with Anna, you can head on over to my Patreon Page under the same name.

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Obviously becoming a Patron is not necessary in any way. You being here means the world to me, and is all I need. Thank you for being here.
I tried to incorporate as many of the requests I received as I could. Let me know if there are any other triggers you like, and I will try to incorporate them in my upcoming videos.

All my love and gratitude,
Mirathian, The Oracle of Ardendale

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Here are the links to the other videos in this series-
Puxie the Elf ASMR:…
Feldon the Farrier ASMR:…
Talliemag’s Bakery ASMR:…
Kellkith the Ranger:

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Aurora by Jonny Easton
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