the MOST epic video of INTENSE mouth sounds (ASMR, breathing, mic eating, ear eating, weirdness)

LOL my lipstick, didn’t really think things through before putting it on.

this video is a bit more causal than some of my other ones, as in i cared less about being structured. i had fun making this, and i hope you liked watching it.

i tried to be hot and sexy bc you know the guys like it, but it just came out weird lmao.

sorry about all the rambling lol i can’t help it sometimes. it’s either say nothing or won’t shut up for me.

YES, thIS IS SUPER WEIRD TO the outsider. if YOU DONT LIKE THIS don’t watch it!!!

I’m done rambling, ANYWAYS.

TAGS: ear eating, mouth sounds, breathy whisper, microphone eating, funny asmr, binaural, rambling, soft spoken, hot GIRL that needs MONEY help me ;

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