Gibi ASMR Q&A Video ((200k Thank You!!!))

Thank you guys. So much. I really hope you enjoy this Q&A! Anything I reference in the video I will link in a comment (description is too long!)

Am I single? No. I have a long term boyfriend (Bear).
How tall am I? 5’10
Where do I live? The US.
What camera do you use? Canon Rebel t4i
What microphone? Blue Yeti
What do you edit on? Adobe Premiere Pro
(What headphones do you have? Bose On-Ear bluetooth ones!)
Where did you get your lights? Amazon!

4:47 – What’s the best advice you’ve gotten?
5:40 – What is something you really want to accomplish in life/what drives you as a person?
6:49 – Favorite song/melody from a video game?
7:29 – What trading card/table top games are your favorites?
8:05 – Do you play Magic the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons?
8:54 – If you could bend one of the four elements from ATLA/LOK?
9:58 – What anime do you watch?
10:40 – How is your skin so clear/do you have a routine?
12:17 – How do you come up with your video ideas/storylines?
13:41 – Can you drive a manual transmission car?
14:32 – What was college like for you?
16:24 – Do you have plans for another channel?
17:47 – What is your fav/least fav trigger?
19:02 – Favorite song to play on the piano? Trickiest? One you want to learn the most? (Link classical song)
20:38 – How hard was it to get your British accent so good?
21:42 – Do you ever feel like “meh, I don’t feel like working today?” Do you have any productivity hacks?
23:18 – Favorite cosplay/what cosplay are you excited about?
24:30 – Most embarrassing moment?
26:36 – What’s your favorite MCR song and why?
27:54 – Is a hot dog a sandwich?
28:03 – Places outside US you want to go?
28:58 -Interest in history? Veteran in the family tree?
29:49 – Do you incorporate ASMR into your romantic relationships?
32:00 – Do your ASMR videos work on yourself?
32:45 – What do you see in the future of ASMR?
33:39 – Do you have a tattoo?
34:48 – Do you watch any sports of any kind?
35:36 – What do you do other than ASMR and cosplaying?
36:50 – Did you have a favorite video game series growing up?
37:59 – Favorite video game of all time?
38:26 – How does it feel having so many viewers / What does your family think about all of it?
39:43 – Favorite anime?
40:04 – Can we see your old comedy videos?
40:33 – Who is your favorite ASMRtist called Danny Docile?
41:18 – When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
41:54 – Who do you main in Overwatch?
42:43 – Favorite vegetable? Favorite food? Pepsi/Coke/Sprite?
43:46 – Could you make a full video in spanish?
45:00 – Favorite pokemon?
45:57 – Favorite DBZ character and why?
46:30 – Where do you get the props you use in your medical roleplay videos?
46:38 – Do you watch Game of Thrones?
46:52 – What’s your most favorite character to cosplay as?
47:16 – What has been your favorite video to film so far?
47:57 – What was the first anime you ever saw?
48:33 – What was your FIRST cosplay?
48:54 – Who is your favorite hero in Overwatch?
49:13 – What is your biggest pet peeve when attempting to film?
49:49 – The best and worst thing about YouTube?
50:42 – Are you a potter head? Favorite show as a kid?
51:33 – Smooth or crunchy peanut butter?
51:41 – What’s your ethnicity?
52:02 – Easiest question in the world
52:10 – Do you speak another language?
52:47 – How hard is it to not raise your voice/swear while filming?
53:22 – What would you do if you had lots of money but could only spend it on one thing?
54:06 – Where does “Gibi” come from?
54:40 – How do you describe ASMR to people?
55:12 – Cats or dogs?
55:30 – What irl trigger makes you stop what you’re doing to maintain the tingles?
55:58 – Favorite video game system?
56:52 – WYR be a bender, jedi, or wizard?
57:10 – WYR spend a day with Dwight, Kevin, Andy, or Stanley?
57:33 – The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra?
58:20 – Would you be in favor of an ASMR artist association?
58:37 – WYR go back 200 years and talk to your ancestors, or 200 years into the futures and talk to your descendants?
59:14 – WYR marry Toby or Dwight?
59:47 – Would you ever consider doing a genderbend roleplay (such as Zuko)?
1:01:07 – What avatar nation would you live in?
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