Comedic ASMR: Deep Mind Probe and Donut Buffet

Hello, everyone! Finally back with a Miss M video! As usual with Miss M roleplays, this is probably more silly than relaxing or erotic. Here Miss Margaritte de Van San Titlow explores your deepest memories and secrets and implants a pleasant false memory all while offering delicious donuts with strange sprinkles. Probably best with headphones. Thanks for watching! (And my whisper voice is a bit rough still from when I was sick–sorry if it is not as smooth as normal!)
[Edit: How many 80s movie titles did you catch…though I did forget and named a couple of TV shows at the end instead, lol. Also, there really is a Mclemoresville, TN, but I don’t think it’s pronounced Mc-lemurs-ville like I said it. :D]

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