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We all are aware as to how soothing and relaxing massage therapy is. It not only relaxes the muscles but it also leads to refreshment of mind. Many of us love getting the therapy, but what about enjoying the same sensations just by watching videos at home?

At ASMR Garden, we arranged and organized the best ASMR massage videos that give a perfect sensations to people watching them.

When you’ll start watching them, you’ll get pleasurable sensations all through the body. Although there’s no scientific explanation to it, people love watching them and it’s become a great trend these days.

Won’t you like to enjoy the tingles? Start watching and you will definitely thank us later for bringing these videos to your attention, giving you an experience you won’t forget.

?* Sleepy Time?* ASMR * Soft Sounds * Massage *

Good evening? ^_^ In this video we will scratch a pillow 00:59, make sleepy sweeping sounds with it 03:15, tuck you in with a soft blanket 06:22, massage your shoulders and your neck to help you relax more while learning why it is so good for you 08:45, then we’ll rub your temples and your […]

World’s Greatest Head Massage 21 – Baba the Cosmic Barber – ASMR intentional

When I decided to visit India I was excited by several things but the spark that inspired this trip was Him, Baba the cosmic barber. In this video his special cosmic massage. This is the last video of Indian Travels series, a huge thanks from the heart for all your appreciations, comments and feedback . […]

World’s Greatest Feet Massage 40 – Baba the Cosmic Barber & ASMR Barber

Episode 15. In this Episode Baba performs a feet and calf cosmic massage with his Stone. This video will be unique in its kind, really hope you enjoy it. Thanks to make it happen Santosh . Guys, if you are looking for the t-shirts and the shaving products we used during our last trip […]

Upper Body & Facial Massage *-ROLEPLAY-* (ASMR)

Hi there. Welcome back to the spa. You wish to get a upper body and facial massage? Ok, lay back and relax. Don’t be shy, :), you may also fall asleep. Don’t Forget To Like, Share and Subscribe. XOXO

SPA Role Play ASMR. Soft Spoken. Massage.

Hello Starshines, I hope this makes up for the lack of role plays lately. I also hope if you’ve been stressed and have been in search of some relief, this video will provide just a glimmer of that. 🙂 I’m really excited about my next video! Thank you everyone and have a good rest, xoxo

Sedating Head, Neck, Back Massage – Soft Spoken ASMR

I show a head, neck, and back massage. I use binaural mics so you can hear the sounds change in intensity from ear to ear. The ambient sounds version is also available. This time, my client is a lovely lady who has beautiful hair and a beautiful heart to match. She was an absolute pleasure […]

Relaxing Oil Massage ❤︎ Virtual ASMR Role Play

Super relaxing immersive ASMR Massage using oil with layered sounds for extra tingles and a lovely refreshing sleep. After I take some notes about your preferences I offer you some tea. Then over to the therapy bed, your massage will begin. First the shoulders and arms then on your front for a back massage. Lots […]

RELAXING MASSAGE NECK & FACE, Soft spoken, serenity, ASMR

Hello guys! New Video! Today I will make a relaxing massage to Alessia. In the last video, her day Spa was started with the makeup, and now ends with a nice massage! I hope you enjoy it and help you to relax! I adore you! Ciao ragazzi! Nuovo video! Oggi farò un massaggio rilassante ad […]

Relaxing Back Massage – Working on Problem Area – ASMR

ASMR Back Massage to Worki on Problem Area and Relaxation – I feel & ask where you want the massage – Massage Therapy is a great way to Relax. Lower Back, Shoulders & Neck Massage. Some health benefits might be: relaxation, sleep, stress relief, anxiety, lower back pain relief, better circulation & removing knots and […]

Relaxing Back Massage – ASMR

Relaxing Back Massage – ASMR This is the video that talks about muscle balance causing problems. This is the video and guy that helped me understand how to correct problems. Health benefits of massage might be: relaxation, sleep, stress relief, anxiety, lower back pain relief, better circulation & removing knots and blockage in the body […]

Reiki Remote Relaxation Session ASMR Role Play – Hand Movements

Reiki Remote Relaxation Session ASMR Role Play – Relax as i remotely connect with you using symbols drawn in the air to help you, relax, sleep, feel good & de stress. 25:50 = Long Distance Remote massage role play. There is slight blur on screen to reduce right light reflection, it was either red light […]

Real ASMR Massage Tutorial #2 Ear and Scalp

Ear and scalp massage, hair brushing For more information please visit the Facebook page – ASMR Face Massage London or email to

Real ASMR Massage tutorial #1 Shoulder & Neck

For more information on ASMR Massage London please visit the Facebook page ‘ASMR Face Massage London’ or e-mail to Million thanks to WhispersRed for all her encouraging support. Emma, you are amazing!!!

Online Massage Classes Lesson 1 *ASMR*

This is an ASMR video intended for relaxation and entertainment purposes. In this video, the viewer will be introduced to the video with an infomercial style introduction. Then there will be soft speaking while models in a magazine are massaged. *PLEASE WEAR HEADPHONES FOR 3D SOUND!! *This video is for entertainment. This video is not […]

Massage Tools and Relaxing Neck Massage/ASMR

Helllooo ^_^ … In the beginning of this video (first 8:00 min or so) I seem too chit chatty and excited but I get into a more relaxing state of mind in the second half of the video I hope you will still find it relaxing to watch and listen to. In this video I […]