The Best Italian ASMR videos

Best Italian ASMR videos to watch

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a phenomenon that is experienced by most of the people in form of tingling effects. It is sometimes also known as head orgasm or brain tingles. These sensations are felt normally on the scalp and back of the neck. Some people can also experience it in their whole body. Although, the causes of ASMR are still not proven scientifically. There is only a little research done in this filed. However, you can find a lot of videos by different popular artists on YouTube.

The ASMR videos consist of different sounds and effect which are created intentionally to trigger sensation in a person’s body. These sensations are quite relaxing. People also use these voices and sounds to sleep properly. These sounds help them to relieve their stress and anxiety which is caused due to the hectic routines. Everyone has a different personality which means everyone will have different needs. Same is the case with ASMR, each person has their own personal triggers. Some of the common triggers include whispering, tapping, scratching etc.

The main goal of ASMR is to provide a feeling of relaxation. The sounds in the video should be created in a way that it engages listeners. The most important tool used for engaging viewers is the language. Although, some videos are created with no talking at all but still language plays an important part in increasing attention. There are some people who like to enjoy videos in an unfamiliar language but the majority prefer videos in the native language. For example, an Italian person will prefer watching videos of Italian ASMR.

What is the point of watching a video if we have to put a lot of effort in understating the words spoken in it? It may also ruin your attention level. Excessive brain working and effort of understanding the scenarios created in the video may shift your focus from the relaxing sounds. The good news is, ASMR is being produced in different languages now. After the popularity of this concept in the English language, most of the stars are emerging who makes videos in the native language. For example, liv ASMR and Chiara ASMR are the two stars which are popular for making ASMR videos in Italian.

Italian ASMR videos:

The Italian language is mostly known for its fluidity. It has a specific touch of relaxation. Italian is best for ASMR when spoken in a pleasant way. It increases the effect of sounds produced and in result a person can feel more sensations than usual. Most of the people consider it as one of the best languages used for ASMR. People who are unable to understand the words spoken in Italian specifically watch Italian ASMR video due to is a pleasant effect. It is also considered best for a sound sleep.

There are different ASMR artists present who are making interesting videos day and night just for the people who feel relaxed after watching them. Some of these have become much popular due to the interesting scenarios presented in the movies. The best Italian ASMR videos are currently created by Liv ASMR and Chiara ASMR. Following is the list of best Italian ASMR videos created by Chiara ASMR:

  1. Lipstick application on you/ personal attention
  2. My birthday and Christmas gift
  3. Eating chicken and fries McDonald’s/ eating sounds
  4. New camera test+ mic brushing
  5. Palabras Cosquillosas y Sanidos con la boca
  6. Close up whispering and fluffy mic brushing
  7. 1 hour of tapping, no talking
  8. Relaxing spa role play
  9. Perfume shop role play
  10. Tingly head massage hair play, brushing
  11. Christmas giveaway + mic brushing
  12. Tapping on books, no talking
  13. Whispered make up haul, lots of tapping and lipstick sounds
  14. Tapping on phone and table
  15. Live stream di Chiara
  16. Muchas Cosquillas, Preguntas y Respuestas
  17. Making fluffy slime satisfying mouth sounds, tico, tongue click
  18. Eating sounds, fries with cheese cream
  19. Chocolate show and tell
  20. 1 hour of layered tapping and no talking
  21. Tingly sound sessions, firmoo glasses
  22. Nurse role play/ personal attention
  23. Unintelligible library role play, paper sounds, inaudible whispers
  24. Tapping on the bar of chocolate, no talking

All of these videos contains different sounds and effects which are quite relaxing for the viewers. Sounds like tapping on certain surfaces, boards and other things are quite soothing. The videos are made in a more interesting way by the inclusion of role plays. The tingling effects these videos can provide adequate relaxation to the viewers. Apart from Chiara ASMR, another ASMR is becoming popular due to the usage of different techniques to create tingled. This star is liv ASMR, you can find her videos on YouTube and Reddit. These videos have almost everything which is required for a perfect ASMR experience. Here is a list of best Liv ASMR Italian videos.

  1. Layered sounds, gentle hand movements
  2. Relaxing hair cut role play (English and Italian)
  3. Scalp massage, brushing your hair, ear to ear whisper
  4. Ear to ear whisper stories (Spanish+ Italian), Visual triggers
  5. Close up relaxing SPA facial treatment (English +Italian) Whispering, Latex gloves
  6. Ear to Ear close Whispers (English+ Italian), Lens brushing
  7. Relaxing Hand Movements, Hand brushing, Whispered Poetry
  8. Teaching you Italian words and phrases, Whispering, Language trigger
  9. Deep relaxing SPA Scalp Massage role play, Whispering, Inaudible, Personal attention
  10. Whispered Storytelling, Bristles touching, Brushing my Hair
  11. Brushing your face, Whispering, Mouth sounds, Personal attention
  12. Tapping sounds


Videos made in the Italian language may not be useful for everyone but these can be used effectively by the people who can understand Italian. However, if you are not able to understand Italian that does not mean you cannot watch these videos. It is all about the things which trigger these ASMR emotions in you. If you find Italian as your trigger, why not watch it?