Languages in which you can find ASMR videos

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a phenomenon which is quite difficult to describe to peoples that did not experience it before. The feeling of ASMR starts with a little tingling which starts from the scalp then the back of the neck. It can also extend to the whole body. The feeling of ASMR is soothing for a lot of people. Most of the people encounter this feeling in childhood. At first, you may feel confused about what is happening to you but with the passage of time you get used to it.

Have you ever feel relaxed while listening to the sound of hair brushing? If yes, then my friend you should read this article. Here is a good news for the people who are indulged in ASMR. The videos come in many different languages i.e. ASMR Italian, ASMR Spanish, and ASMR French, which allows you to have an effective experience. Getting familiar to ASMR opens up a whole new world of experiences to you.

Some people believe that the concept of ASMR is a part of pseudoscience but this statement is not true. Although there is only a little amount of research done in this field which shows that ASMR exists. These researches are supported with the help of anecdotal evidence. These evidences are convincing because of the conditions that ASMR sensations are capable of creating. You can experience this sensation by watching videos in your own native languages like ASMR Italian, ASMR Spanish, and ASMR French.

Is everyone capable of experiencing ASMR? Most of the people want to have the answer to this question. You may be disappointed to know that not everyone is capable of experiencing ASMR. Researches show that different peoples have different experiences. Most of the time it is experienced in childhood. Some people also experience it for the first time in adulthood. Each one of us their personal triggers. These triggers play an important part in the development of sensations related to ASMR. It is quite possible that if you have not experienced any sensations yet, you may not have found your personal trigger.

Languages of ASMR videos:

Language plays an important part in increasing the understanding of a concept. As this article is in English, most of the people are able to understand it even if it is not their native language. Same is the case with ASMR. People may have an understanding of the works spoken in the videos. However, there are some people who will prefer to watch videos in the language they don’t understand e.g. an American is watching an ASMR Italian video. They may find it more soothing and relaxing but this is not true for everyone.

There are some videos which are best for sleeping and they also have wordings in a specific language. If a person watching that video is able to understand the meanings of the words spoken, they will be able to fall sleep early with a much relaxing feeling. As ASMR is concerned with maximizing the feeling of relaxation, it is best to watch or listen ASMR related stuff in the native language. Following are the languages in which you can have ASMR related videos.

1.      ASMR Italian:

Italian is considered as one of the most pleasant languages spoken in the world. That is why ASMR Italian videos are present online. This language is known for the fluidity it has. People who are specking it will have a pleasant flow in their talks. This flow is the main reason due to which ASMR Italian videos are created. You may find a lot of people who are making ASMR Italian videos. If you are a native, just play the video and relax.

2.      ASMR Spanish:

Most of the people believe that Spanish is the only language which is best to hear in whispers. ASMR Spanish videos are created so that people will feel relaxed while watching them due to the calmness of this language. Softly galoshes is quite popular for making ASMR Spanish videos. Apart from those videos, you can also find a wide variety of ASMR Spanish videos on the internet.

3.      ASMR French:

French is considered as one of the best languages in enhancing the experiences of ASMR. ASMR French videos are available in a wide variety. French is a very soothing language with a neglect ion of “h” sound at the beginning of almost all of the words. This is why the ASMR French videos have a different accent. Many ASMR stars like liv ASMR are using different languages to maximize the effects of these videos.

4.      ASMR Russian:

The Russian language has a lot of differences when compared to other languages. It specifically has sounds of 5 vowels with the separation of long and short vowels. The Russian language is although not considered as the one which is used for a relaxing purpose but still you can find a lot of videos in the Russian language. The pair is best due to the absoluteness of Russian language and the concept of ASMR. There are many stars of ASMR who are creating videos in the Russian language like gentle whispering. These videos are made just to focus on the speakers of the Russian language.



It is an interesting fact that many of the European languages have a lot of common things. They are quite similar to each other in many ways. Humans are known to travel traditionally bare footed. This traveling was the reason for the formation of new colonies. These colonies had different languages and dialect with the inclusion of new words. That is why most of the languages have a lot of similarities. However, the major reason behind making videos in different languages like ASMR Italian, ASMR Spanish, and ASMR French was that every person should be able to have the maximum experience. Stars like liv ASMR are playing their part in making new videos with new concepts.