Best Role Play ASMR Videos

Among the intentional ASMR videos that trigger the personal attention factor, there is a further subcategory that particularly depicts the ASMR artists giving medical or clinical services which also include the general medical examinations as well. The creators of ASMR Role play videos do not claim to be real and the viewer is supposed to be aware that whatever is being depicted is not real and is being shown so that you can watch and listen to a trigger which is performed for you by an actor.

Many people have reported some really amazing outcomes of these ASMR Role play videos. Numerous people have reported of the effectiveness of these ASMR videos and it has helped them in dealing with insomnia and other symptoms that are related with panic attacks, anxiety and depression. What is interesting about ASMR Role play videos is that they do not induce tingles due to the presence of a single trigger, they stimulate tingling sensations by creating an experience, environment and mood. Due to this, a lot of preparation and skill is required in making an ASMR Role play video as compared to other types. ASMR Role play is really famous in the ASMR community. Some of the ASMRtists take some painstaking measures in order to create the most optimal ASMR experience.

ASMR Role play videos usually focus around a hotel/spa check in or some sort of visit to the doctor. They contain some really private and immersive ASMR experiences and the video actor makes an effort to attend to the viewer directly. Listed below are some of the best ASMR Role play videos of all time.


Maria of GentleWhispering has an incredibly staggering number of subscribers that reaches half a million. GentleWhispering has become the poster child for these niche videos of ASMR Role play in the recent years. Anyone else has not found more fame through ASMR than her. She is a really talented ASMRtist who makes some great videos. Each of them is created lovingly to induce tingles. Most of the time she is roleplaying as giving a gentle head massage or a flight attendant. And teaming up with Ally and Heather from ASMRrequests and Heather Feather, they are coming together for the world’s first ever ASMR virtual reality production.


This ASMRtist Ally, is quite a regular one and posts ASMR videos quite frequently. Her ASMR videos are usually long containing humor, pop culture history and role plays. She has knack of creating sounds using thrift shop products and theme videos. She alternates between role plays and some of her ASMR Role play videos have really cool special effects. No matter what kind of ASMR videos you are looking for, a show or inaudible whispering, you need to see the work of this ASMRtist. Ally is quite an artist and really creative. Do check her other ASMR videos as well.

Listed below are some of her top ASMR Role play videos.

  • Tooth Fairy Tingles – ASMR – Role Play
  • Time Travel Tuesday – Bob Ross
  • Time Travel Tuesday -Disney – ASMR Ear 2 Ear – Soft Spoken


The ASMRtist behind CalmingEscape is Cassie. She is an incredible whisperer and has dozens of ASMR Role play videos. She has a really unique voice and is an absolute favorite of the ASMR community and viewers. Her voice and how she incorporates sounds into her role playing videos is commendable. Some of the best ASMR Role play videos by her include:

  • Scalp Check (RP)
  • Joan Jett Book- Page Flipping (ASMR)
  • Doctor RP (ASMR) | sleep | relaxation | RE-Uploaded

 Heather Feather:

Talking about a real character, Heather Feather sure is one. If one wants to have a good laugh and eliminate your worries and anxieties for the moment, you need to see the ASMR Role play videos that are made by Heather Feather. For her ASMR Role play videos, Heather comes always prepared with being in character and flaunting the right character. She is thorough in drawing out your ASMR experience with a steady and smooth script. Her enthusiasm and humor along with a great personality makes the viewer feel as they are talking directly to her.

Every ASMR video that has been produced by her stimulates a strong energy around. Her enthusiasm has allowed to become such a favorite. The way she has been carrying on with the ASMR videos, clearly shows the enthusiasm and content variety she possesses.  Heather Feather is known to create the best content for ASMR experience in the form of original stories, meditations with guidance, ASMR videos and some amazing ASMR Role plays.

  • Binaural (3D) Comprehensive Physical Examination Role Play for Relaxation (ASMR)
  • Stereo/Panning Book Chat for Relaxation and Sleep (ASMR)

WhisperMister1 (now ASMRGAINS):

Whisperer holds great power and in ASMR Role play, whisperer is the king. Real name Fred, has a wonderful low whisper along with a delicious accent. His video are quite interesting and fans await eagerly when a new video is posted. Along with ASMR, this guy has lots of hobbies and he does all. Yes, his hobbies are baking, gardening and history. The accent of WhisperMsiter is delightful simply.

  • ASMR Zombie Apocalypse survivor RP
  • ASMR Relaxing Eye Test

ASMR Darling:

Another popular ASMR Role play clip creators is Taylor Darling who we all know as ASMR Darling. She has 268,000 subscribers on YouTube. She uploads ASMR Role play videos quite religiously. These involve her pretending to give massages, carry out a medical examination or brush through your hair. Sometimes, she is slowly caressing a microphone with a brush making a soothing sound that puts you right to sleep!


Quite a newbie, Chloe of TheUKASMR surfaced to ASMR scene two years ago and provided with some of the best ASMR videos. Chloe conjures up a solid mix of raw ASMR and role-playing videos. She has ha relaxing accented voice and is amongst the top ASMR Role play artists.  Ultimate ASMR Spa is her most popular video.

ASMR Angelica:

From Portuguese, this ASMRtist is one of kind. ASMR Angelica has quite a following of viewers in the ASMR community and is famed for her eccentric ASMR Role play videos.