ASMR videos in Spanish

ASMR Videos In Spanish

ASMR is a word used for an amazing feeling you get when you hear different sounds created. These sounds are created specifically to relax. You will be able to feel chills in your scalp, back neck or sometimes in the whole body. The idea of creating these sounds starts way back and now it is a rapidly growing trend. What will you feel if you hear someone brushing their hair or tapping on the box of mobile phone?

Due to the popularity of the concept, you can find it a video related to it on YouTube. Selecting the video that gives you the maximum sensation is an art as triggers of every person are different. Triggers are those basic points which are responsible for the arousal of ASMR feeling and sensations inside you. If your friend gets an ASMR by listening to a whispering sound that does not mean that you will get the feeling with this sound. Each person has different triggers. It is quite possible that you still don’t know what your trigger is. Find out by listening to different sounds.

Do you like listening different accents? Some people get a feeling of ASMR when they listen to different accents. Some may also get it by listening to a video in a language which is not familiar with them. This can be exciting for someone or this can also result in an uncomfortable thing. Some people don’t feel easy and relaxed if the video they are listening is not in their native languages. For example, if you are a Spanish person you will watch Spanish ASMR videos.

There are a lot of ASMR artists present who are creating videos on daily basis. These videos are getting a lot of likes in a matter of seconds due to the popularity of this concept. Moreover, there are approximately 5.2 million videos available on YouTube which are related to ASMR. Different brands are also using this concept for marketing purposes. They associate their brands with different sounds and voices to attract the listener.

Language specific ASMR videos:

ASMR may have existed for thousands of year but it becomes known recently. After its formal recognition, a scientific name is provided to it. At first, the videos were made only in a single manner and single language i.e. English. The reason is that is understandable for most of the people. With the advancement of concepts and researches in this field, people are started making videos in different languages. These videos allow the viewers to understand what is spoken that is responsible for increasing the effect of ASMR sensations.

Language is the only way in which you can communicate with the other person. Although there are people out there who feel relaxed while listening to the videos in a language they don’t understand. The majority of the people consist of those who prefer watching videos in their native language. Not all Spanish people know how to speak English. That is why there was a need of creating Spanish ASMR videos.

ASMR in Spanish:

In 2011, the concept of ASMR got a lot of popularity. The videos were getting millions of likes in minutes. People stated making videos and some of them become so popular. Apart from other, Spanish stars are also seen who became famous for their videos. The most popular stars are AccidentallyGraceful ASMR and Antonella ASMR.

Some popular AccidentallyGraceful ASMR videos are as follows:

  1. Healing bath salt recipe for relaxation and tingles
  2. Ear to ear, multi accent reading of jabberwocky
  3. AGL quarterly update (soft spoken)
  4. Softy spoken stories, an ear to ear retelling of giant’s causeway
  5. Sally brown does your makeup (binaural role play)
  6. Role play costume preparation, ear to ear ramble
  7. Unboxing the canon G5x (an ear to ear whisper)
  8. Ear to ear ramble and trigger words
  9. An Irish unboxing (binaural triggers)
  10. ASMR soft Spanish whispers ear to ear trigger words and poetry
  11. Unofficial update and ramble (soft spoken)
  12. Less talking more tapping
  13. Magazine flipping and ear to ear whispers
  14. Binaural cleaning sounds and whispers
  15. Softy spoken stories: snow white and rose red
  16. Tingles in ten, how to make peppermint mocha
  17. January ramblings
  18. Softly spoken stories like little mermaid
  19. Softy singing “part of your world”
  20. Softy spoke update, explanation and digressions
  21. Stories of Samhain
  22. Tapping the night away
  23. Starbucks gift haul with soft whispering
  24. Retainer tingles, subtle mouth sounds and trigger words
  25. Ramble on soft spoken update vlog
  26. How to clean makeup brushes, soft spoken tutorial

All of these videos contain almost all triggers of ASMR. You can watch these Spanish ASMR videos to relax. These are also capable of creating a tingling feeling inside you that will start from your scalp and sometimes end up in the whole body. Apart from that, the Antonella ASMR videos are also quite common. All the content is in Spanish making it easy to understand for people who can only speak Spanish. These language specified videos are quite helpful in triggering ASMR sensations in a person’s body. Here is a list of best video by Antonella ASMR:

  1. Triggers to help you sleep
  2. Italian personal shopper role play
  3. Espanol especial de navidad/ Christmas special
  4. Espanol preguntas y respuestas/ Spanish whisper
  5. Hair cut role play
  6. Espanol tapping and whispering/ susurrando
  7. Italinao leggendo una storia/ lectura binaural
  8. Tapping and whispering


It has been proven through different researches that the videos in an understandable language have much longer effects. People can understand the point spoken. They don’t have to focus on understanding the situation that has been created. ASMR is all about focusing on the sounds created in the video. That is why it is best to watch videos in your own language until and unless viewing videos with unknown languages is your trigger.