Binaural ASMR/Whisper. Zen Garden (Scraping, Crinkling, Clicking, Tapping)

Hey guys, today Im unboxing and decorating a zen garden for relaxation. ASMR triggers are whispering, crinkles, tapping, clicking and scraping sounds. Enjoy!

Hey guys, this is the no talking version of my first Zen Garden video. ASMR triggers include sand sounds, scraping and raking. Enjoy! 🙂 Like my channel on .

Let me help you find your relaxation place with this unboxing and setup of a Zen Garden! Tons of crinkles, whispering, tapping and sand sounds are in this one .

ASMR Creating a Mini Zen Garden, Sand Sounds, Raking, Placement of Object to create my beach themed Zen Garden on the beach. If you would like to help .

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