ASMR. Video Game Collection 2 (Whisper & Soft Spoken Ear to Ear)

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***The video is flipped to match the audio (sometimes this is the only way to get my mic stand to properly hold the h4n without it falling off) so that is why the titles are backwards and possibly unreadable.

Hi, guys and gals! I have decided to remake my original Video Game Collection video (which can be found here: because the last one was a little loud in my opinion, and also not shot in HD. I added a few DS and Gameboy games in here as well, although I still missed out a couple of them which were still in boxes that I haven’t yet unpacked from my recent move. One day I’ll get this right! Haha.

The ASMR trigger sounds you can expect to hear here are tapping, scratching, zipper sounds, soft speaking and whispering ear to ear, cat kibble crunching and more. It’s a pretty simple video, though, so I hope you enjoy it until my next video. I am also open to any requests, so share them in the comment section below! Thanks for watching. 🙂

I am selling all of the PlayStation games, so if you would like any of them, let me know.

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