[ASMR] Nurse Whispers Roleplay | Tapping, Latex Gloves vesves More!

Hello! Im Nurse Whispers, and I am so glad you came to see me today. Youve got yourself in to a little accident after playing your favourite sport. Oh dear! ASMR .

VIEWER REQUEST! A viewer recently requested I do a glove video with oil. I also decided to add a couple more liquids to the mix to make the gloves extra tingly .

Its time for some peaceful relaxing ASMR personal attention. Lots of ASMR tingle triggers here including hair sounds, camera touching, sticky plastic sounds, .

Hi guys, this is my new ASMR video: ASMR Mouth Sounds vesves Kiss Sounds | Unintelligible Whisper | Red Gloves . If you like this video PLEASE click LIKE .

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