ASMR for Geeks’N’Gamers – My brand new video-gaming PC build :) Whispering/ASMR!

Hi everyone! This video is dedicated to you PC gamers and geeks out there 🙂

In this edition, I showcase ASMR-style (and briefly explain) all the hardware I will be installing in my new gaming rig. This is the second personal gaming PC I’ve built. YAY!!

Please note: I have NO formal computer science training and am self-taught. Therefore, I may misspeak on certain things. For my sake (yeah learninating!!) PLEASE correct me if I do! I made a quick edit around 10:00 to clarify SLI configurations and the PCI Express slot, since I kinda screwed up. I understand enough to install and troubleshoot parts, but I’m not great at explaining what they do and how they do it. X___X

I hope you find this video relaxing and fun! I’ve missed you all, wishing you much peace and deep sleep! – ShleeOfTranquility


Tags: Gaming Computer (Literature Subject),Personal Computer (Video Game Platform),ASMR,whispering,relaxation,Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,tapping,scratching,relax,whisper

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