(ASMR) 1 Hour of Triggers for your Sleep (Soft Tapping, Brushing, Stipple, Crinkling) Obviously

Finally another long video, I hope you can fall asleep to it or at least get some tingles 🙂 Enjoy and Relax

Articulate Design ASMR: https://goo.gl/qBmZC7

Time Stamps:
0:41 Soft Tapping
15:45 Crinkling
18:05 Brushing my hand
19:00 Brushing your face
19:50 Mic Brushing
25:20 Face Brushing
28:20 Mic and Face Brushing
30:20 Mic Brushing
32:00 Crinkling
33:50 Sponge Brush
35:40 Stipple
40:20 Mic Brushing
40:45 Stipple + Mic Brushing
43:25 Soft Tapping
51:20 Crinkling
53:12 Stipple

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Bye 🙂

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