【ASMR】 mini zen garden, 花花,读信件(Mandarin)

Holle, guys. Is it too hard to find Mandarin ASMR? That’s it! Up説他這次内容跑偏了,其實我覺得還好。 经过原作者同意,转载: 原帖: .

恩恩,我是回天(一梦)~是不是還爲在YouTube上找不到中文ASMR而苦惱呢。關注我吧,我會持續搬運我覺得不錯的ASMR音頻的。 Hi, I am huitian~ Are you.

Hello! This is a no talking Binaural ASMR video, please wear headphones for the best results. Half an hour of me playing in a zen garden. There are sand .

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