Your top questions about creating ASMR, answered!

0:00 – Introduction
Open me for Question timestamps~!


2:40 – When you write scripts, do you plan the types of tingles before, during or after?
5:35 – Challenges with creating RPs – I want to create vs what SEO demands?
7:48 – Do you have any tips for RPs?
11:14 – I just began writing scripts for ASMRtists. Are there others doing this, or is it largely unexplored territory?
14:38 – Your advice on how to be consistent?
20:53 – How much improvisation do you do in your role playing videos?
22:56 – How do you keep your voice constant in whisper/soft spoken videos?
24:07 – How to do roleplays on a budget?
26:30 – Any tips for struggling ASMR artists that are seeing little to no growth in their channel?
31:48 – How to make your whispers attractive?
33:48 – How to film when there’s always many people around me?


34:25 – Would love some lighting advice. I struggle with noisy video and would love some tips on how to light videos.
41:11 – What is your opinion on the best beginner setup?
50:18 – What kind of equipment do you use? What is a must have item?
50:49 – I have wondered if you use some sort of guide to help frame your video / keep track of where your hands are in the video frame?
51:55 – Do you have advice on how to create beautiful backgrounds without spending too much?
54:20 – How do you deal with and handle constant interruptions like loud sounds, traffic, neighbors and so on?
56:31 – It would be great to see what the process of filming looks like while you’re doing it. Do you film all in one take? Segments?
58:09 – How do you get your green screen to look perfect?
1:01:45 – What settings do you have your Blue Yeti on?
1:04:45 – I’d love to know what kind of sound treatment you’ve had done to your recording space?
1:08:45 – Can you offer some general lighting and camera advice?
1:10:24 – I’d love any tips you have for editing audio/binaural audio.
1:17:38 – How do you manage to record videos without any ambient noise?
1:20:40 – How many times do you rehearse a video? How much editing is involved in your videos?

WOWWW if you want a look inside the chaotic life forreal, just look at me posting this at 10pm after getting some final Bee Movie clips LOL jebus take the wheel

Thank you so much for all of your questions!! I will be doing my best to answer as many comment questions I can as well 🙂 I hope you find this helpful, or at the very least, entertaining!! And just take everything I say with a grain of salt, I’m really only speaking from my own personal experience and while I’m mildly educated in the “film” world, I am NOT the best person to ask a lot of technical questions to, definitely better resources out there LMFAO but hopefully I can be helpful!

And thank you Shawn for answering questions too!!!!!! LOOK AT YOU GO! I couldn’t keep it all up without you, thank you so much for all your immense efforts!

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