Virtual Spa: Relaxing Haircut *ASMR* *RP*

Hello everyone 🙂

This is a relaxation video which simulates the experience of receiving a haircut in a calming salon and spa. Please clear your mind, relax, and enjoy the many soothing sounds featured in the video. 🙂

Featured in this video:

Scalp massage (1:09)
Salon tour (8:52)
Dry hair brushing (13:30)
Shampoo (21:55)
Deep condition (30:03)
Wet hair brushing (37:00)
Trim [snipping, chopping, and scratchy feathering sounds] (39:07)
Towel and blow drying (50:00)
More brushing (52:15)
Styling (54:00)

*Please note: this is the second take of this particular role play. The first was shot in a smaller space and as a result the sounds are subtler. If the sounds in this video are too loud for you, please let me know and I will upload the first video as well.

**If you would like to see what you look like after your haircut, please visit my Facebook page! You will not be disappointed!

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