Video Game Collection Part One ASMR (Sticky Fingers & Tapping)

Aloha! ^__^ Part one of my video game collection with some triggers for your hopeful relaxation. I love watching videos that blend gaming with relaxation so I hope some of you guys do too.
I filmed this the same day of my update video so I am still too close to the microphone sometimes but now that I know that it is an issue I can work on it. It is only little moments, not the whole video. More to come! Part two:
Love and rocket ships,
TheASMRCat reooow x ^___^
P.S I forgot to mention but I think the main reasons I chose Anders in Dragon Age was because he liked cats and his cat’s name was Sir Pounce a Lot. Sold.
P.P.S Also forgot to mention how excited I am for KH3! Wheeee!

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