TINGLE TWINS CURE YOUR ASMR IMMUNITY ✰ Tapping, Scratching, Lid Sounds & More ✰ Male Whispering

ASMR for people who cant get tingles! Let the Tingle Twins cure your ASMR immunity! Do you remember the first time you experienced tingles? In this session the Tingle Twins try to bring back the memories to feel the tingles again.

You’ll listen to various trigger sounds like tapping, scratching, crlinkling, lid sounds and many more, along with some soothing and soft male whispering from ear to ear.

Enjoy some nice tingles, deep relaxation and healthy sleep.

Q&A COMES OUT NEXT WEEK! Thank you so much for your numerous questions! 🙂

Please wear earphones to listen to the binaural sounds and whispers of this video in full quality.
Let me know if you have any requests for upcoming videos.

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0:45 plastic skin massage brush
2:45 note book
4:33 steam humidifier
6:00 wooden box (lid sounds)
7:43 wooden hair brush
09:56 leather case (zipping sounds)
12:06 tea pot
13:42 rubber face peeling pad

Creating ASMR videos is great fun, but it takes time and effort. Your support and donations are much appreciated. I will spend all donations on props and equipment.

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Thank you!

Bye.. 🙂

asmr zeitgeist

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