The Spin Cycle: Caution—This Binaural ASMR Video Might Make You Dizzy

Hello everyone! I literally face planted making this video. Hard. You will not see that footage—however, in this ASMR video, you will find: Sk, the Woodwick candle, Thinking Sounds (aka Tongue Clicking), Soft Speaking, and Whispering. This video is an experiment. If it is well received by you guys, I think I can improve upon this and make the spinning quieter. I didn’t want to put a lot of energy into inventing a new spinning mechanism until I knew that you all liked this. When I did the first ASMR swivel audio back in the day, a good amount of you said it made you legitimately dizzy, so please be mindful that this audio might do the same. The audio is a bit quieter than normal because my ZH4N died recently (as did my headphones), and I used my ZH1 to record this (and my dollar store headphones to edit it). I am in the process of getting a new recording device. I really hope you like this. Thank for always letting me experiment with you. Happy Viewing!

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Microphone I used in this video: Free Space Pro II – Binaural Microphone
Free Space Pro II Binaural Microphone

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