ASMR: Hard Candy, Kissing, Tapping and Mouth Sounds Tester Video

Hello, everyone! I am posting a comedic roleplay (a visit to a demented dentist) this weekend and then the return of Mar Mar, but I wanted also to test out a sounds video using an external mic. Please let me know if you like any of the sounds and would like a longer version of […]

ASMRoleplay: Concerned Friend Listening to Work Troubles [Whispered]

Hello, everyone! This is just a little ‘concerned friend’ roleplay I shot in between working on a couple of comedic rps coming up. It’s just a quick video, but I thought it might be relaxing. In it, I listen to your troubles and try to relax you and calm you through your anxiety and stress […]

ASMR Roleplay: Sexy French Maid (Sponsored by

Hey, everyone! This is a sexy French Role Play video I made wearing a lovely costume from They have a ton of cool stuff from sexy lingerie to fun toys and videos. Please visit their site and use the promo code below for an awesome deal! I hope you enjoy it and this is […]

ASMR: Back Massage and Tickle with Whisper Overlay

[Full Disclosure: This is a non-boobies video. So if you watch my channel strictly for the cleavage, this is not the video for you.] Hello, everyone! This is a bit of a departure from my norm, but I thought I’d give it a shot. In this video, I receive a back massage/tickle session from my […]

ASMR: Belly Tickle and Dancing Hand Movements (Whisper Overlay)

Hello, everyone! This is another belly tickle/hand movement video for relaxation. There is a whisper rambling overlay, so it is probably best to listen with headphones. I whisper about ASMR triggers, breakfast, the weather, just basic stuff. Please excuse my mosquito bites! I was bitten alive the other night and you can see them above […]

ASMRoleplay: Flirtatious Friend Takes Care of You While You Are Sick [Gently Spoken]

[Edit: FB is back up!] Hello, everyone! This is a short video of me rushing out of a bubble bath to take care of you because you are sick. This is a tester video–so if you like it, please let me know in the comments and I will do more. 🙂 Please bear with […]

ASMRoleplay: Zombie Apocalypse–Found Footage Style

Hello, everyone! This is a bit different from my normal roleplays. It is a found-footage style Zombie Apocalypse running narrative based on a short story I wrote. Hope you enjoy and thank you for watching! 🙂 And, yes, in the event of an Apocalypse, it is a necessity to have your hair, make-up and nails […]

ASMR: Gently Spoken Cranial Nerve Exam

Hello, everyone! Here is the cranial nerve exam I wanted to do. This is actually a serious attempt at ASMR–not a comedic, boobylicious roleplay. So, if you’re here for boobies–not the video for you! 😀 I will be back with more Miss M and Mar-Mar antics next. And, oh, yeah–part of my face is showing […]

COMEDIC ASMR: World’s Worst Batman and Robin Roleplay

[Edit: Sorry guys–the gunshots towards the end came out much louder than I realized!] Hello, everyone! This is a really bad roleplay where Miss M helps Batman bust up an illegal underground lemur fighting ring. I’m really sorry–I don’t think this is my best work, but it’s been so long since I posted that I […]