Sus Crewmate Kisses You [ASMR Roleplay] [Among Us] [Crewmate x Imposter Listener] [M4A]

They were right… there is an imposter among us… who do you think it could be Blue? 🥺

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All of my videos featuring a character(s) from an already established piece of media (like my hero academia for example) are taking place in an alternate universe where things could be different from the canon material. For example the age of a character, personality traits, their background, location, etc. could be completely different than the official canon. Think of it as an audio fanfic.

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I get allot of questions from people and I don’t have time to reply to all of them so I figured it’d just be either to add an frequently asked questions section to my description :3c

Are you a boy or a girl?
I’m a girl that does boy voices for my videos haha. Pronouns are she/her 🙂 thank you!

Will you do a sequel?
I get asked to make part 2’s on basically every video I make. But the truth is, most people don’t watch part 2’s and if anyone missed part 1 then they probably aren’t gonna check out the second part. So I don’t really make sequels since not many people watch them. It just makes more sense for me to do stand alone videos. But who knows maybe I’ll do more part 2’s in the future 🙂

Can I send you scripts?
While I did script submissions in the past I am no long accepting scripts.


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