Sedating Head, Neck, Back Massage – Soft Spoken ASMR

I show a head, neck, and back massage. I use binaural mics so you can hear the sounds change in intensity from ear to ear. The ambient sounds version is also available.

This time, my client is a lovely lady who has beautiful hair and a beautiful heart to match. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and you will see her again! She really liked the firmer touches which work well to soothe headaches.

And look at this… I have another video up at the beginning of the month! I’m totally on a roll!

P.S. I’m not a professional. No, I’m afraid that I don’t take money for these massages. No, I can’t tell you the best place to go to get a massage like this as I’ve only had a professional massage 3 times in my life. Yes, if you pay me enough, either of the above can be reconsidered. 😀

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