Satisfying ASMR | Slime | Crinkly Bags | Plastic Box Tapping | Juicy Sounds

Dear TM,
In this video i’m playing, mashing, pressing and pocking this red & green gel slimes. Here you can also find crinkly bag peeling, tapping on a plastic box, juicy sounds, no talking, etc.

♛ Get a colorful Slime in the link:
♛ In this video I use High-quality stereo condenser microphones built into earphones – Roland CS-10EM In-Ear Monitors. This product is available here: (Affiliate)

This is an ASMR video – dedicated to A relaxing visuals and sounds. If you don’t know what ASMR is, please Google it.

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OMG I think i’m addicted to these Orbeez! Such an amazing feeling to play and mash with my #ASMR hands! Take a look!

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