Relaxing Haircut Role Play ✂ ASMR Shampoo / Hair Steaming / Scissors / Brushing

00:29 Shampooing another visitor and drying
03:54 Welcoming you and taking a look at your hair
05:56 Brushing your hair with a wooden brush
11:37 Using a bristle brush this time
15:50 Time for shampoo and condition with a scalp massage
31:56 Applying a hair treatment to infuse your hair during the steaming, wearing gloves
46:08 Putting on shower cap and steam cap
49:20 Now for a small face oil treatment while we wait for your hair to steam, using blotting papers, face oil, and gentle wiping away the excess
59:28 Taking off the steam cap and shower cap before a hair rinse
1:01:04 Time to rinse your hair out
1:05:03 Hair cut time, we’re doing a nice trim and adding a few layers
1:18:26 Blow-drying your hair, very gentle, it’s not loud, including blow-dry brushing
1:22:49 Rechecking your hair and trimming any missed sections so it’s perfect
1:29:40 Using a curling iron to add some waves to your hair, brushing out curls at the end for a natural wavy hair look
Thank you for coming!

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Song is A Quiet Thought by Wayne Jones
Orchid in the beginning is Slc. Aloha Apricot.

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