Minx Asmr Live Stream - Whispering,brushing the mic, Brushing my face, sksksk...hand sounds 22:00gmt

Hi there ! I will be live at 22:00 gmt tonight.. Giving you Tingles.. Making you feel relaxed… making you smile… Triggers will include: brushing the mic with paintbrushes.. brushing my facewith soft make up brush .. sksksksk.. hand sounds and mix of whispering and soft spoken ramble ! you can chat with me LIVE in the chat room 🙂 Please click like n please subscribe !! xxxxxx

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twitter @minxlaura123
instagram – minxlaura123
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smule singing app – minxlaura123
email me for FREE signed pic- minxlaura123@gmail.com
my VLOG channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDRsdhsiu-ZaDSB9wfW46cQ
my DOLLS soap opera —

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