Let Me Help You Sleep Well🌙/ ASMR Personal Attention Roleplay / Hair brushing & Scalp Massage

02:02 neck pillow around your neck
03:50 light lavender candle
06:32 tidy your hair a little bit
07:41 wood brushing tapping sound
09:16 hair brushing
14:14 scalp massage
21:14 neck and shoulder massage
24:08 face brushing
28:59 face touching and tickle
30:25 fluffy ear cleaning
32:42 sleep 🙂

Hello everyone! This is Latte 🙂
Today I will help you relax and fall a sleep doing some hair brushing and scalp massge and face brushing… I hope you enjoy and feel happy. Thank you so much for watching and sweet dream♥

안녕하세요! 라떼입니다 🙂
오늘은 편안하게 주무실 수 있도록 재워드리는 영상이에요. 한국어도 찍으려고 했는데 영어 찍고 나서 밖에 문제가 생기는 바람에 찍지 못했답니다 ㅜ_ㅜ 그래도 편안히 주무셨으면 좋겠네요! 모두들 좋은 꿈 꾸시고 행복한 하루 되셔요♥

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