[Japanese ASMR] Summary; Christmas Countdown! 2017 Advent Calendar#1 / Eating Sounds, Whispering

Happy holidays!
I compiled the videos that I had posted from November 30th to December 10th into one video!
Thank you to all those who counted down to Christmas with me!?

This video is the first part.
The latter part is here → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRWhWsEXs5A

*Please enjoy the video with your earphones or headphones plugged as it is in recorded in stereo.


後編はこちら → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRWhWsEXs5A



⭐️ 字幕の協力
I look forward to your cooperation in making the subtitles!
→ https://goo.gl/kU6IGI

■ Japanese subtitle https://goo.gl/YHLKHd
■ English subtitles https://goo.gl/fIy7WP
■ Korean subtitles https://goo.gl/4AgpDs
■ Chinese subtitles https://goo.gl/Qfuphh
■ Spanish subtitles https://goo.gl/bpXtVq
■ German subtitles https://goo.gl/Mojm4f
■ French subtitles https://goo.gl/iHbwmf
■ Portuguese subtitles https://goo.gl/JZTbUq
■ Russian subtitles https://goo.gl/SNt5OJ
■ Dutch subtitles https://goo.gl/vFDHbL
■ Italian subtitles https://goo.gl/H7AqNb
■ Czech subtitles https://goo.gl/nJAcxw
■ Vietnamese subtitles https://goo.gl/uMoyU5

? hatomugi ASMR 【All videos】https://goo.gl/OBx2Nj
? hatomugi ASMR 【Whispering】https://goo.gl/XFzoQ2
? hatomugi ASMR 【No Talking】https://goo.gl/44K6fe


⭐️ hatomugi×VVコラボグッズはこちら!↓ http://shop.buyee.jp/vvstore/shopping/search/category/0?translationType=&query=hatomugi

Twitter : https://twitter.com/asmrhatomugi

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