Hair Play Head Massage – Soft Spoken ASMR

This is a video of me playing with one of my best friend’s hair. I do start with a short shoulder/back massage for about 5 minutes, but I then move into using my hands and a hair brush on her hair.

I do some loose braiding and twirling in this video, but I keep it light so I can focus on providing a relaxing experience.

I got a bit lost in my task while doing this video (thus it’s length) and had no idea that so much time had passed. My client didn’t seem to mind though. 🙂 It’s amazing how relaxing this can be for both people… especially when doing something as simple as playing with hair.

And now for my normal line: I am NOT a professional! I just like to give people those wonderful tingly feelings that comes with ultimate relaxation. So, without further ado… please let the tingling commence! 🙂

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