Evil Sith Lord in the Death Star – ASMR Star Wars Role-play

You were a young farmer in a planet called Saleine-lielele. You were living nice life with your friends. Then, in the meanwhile you were buying salt fish from Wrxdfs, the Death Star of the Empire destroyed Salaine-lielele, your beautiful home planet. After that you moved to another planet and joined the rebellions. With the help of the Rebel Revolt and the great jedi master Diudouduu von Manzsdfd, you have gone to the Crusade against Galactic Empire. You found a secret route inside the Death Star. There you stole a key, which may be an essential element for destroying the Empire, and you sent it along with a mini-rocket with a droid 74330-ttt3. The droid 74330-ttt3 is a very technical device, but also a nice guy and very cute. He has mustaches. However, the forces of Empire got you caught. An arrogant, evil Sith Lord from dark side of the force is interrogating, torturing and humiliating you. More planets will be destroyed. Everything is so miserable and depressing. Even your salt fish from Wrxdfs is gone.

DarkerRunes ASMR

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