Erotic ASMR: Girlfriend Roleplay (Tester Video)

[Edit: Just got word that YouTube reversed its decision and this video is back up–thanks for all of your support, everyone!) Hello, everyone! This is my brief attempt at a serious girlfriend roleplay as a tester video. First off, full warning: this one is ‘erotic and age-restricted ASMR’, so if you don’t like boobies with your tingles, this is not for you. Secondly, yeah, this is probably really, really bad–like cheesy porn bad. This is why I always end up doing a bit of comedy because I suck at these serious attempts, lol. Anyway, just a tester–if for some reason you like it and want a longer version, let me know in the comments. Best with headphones and thanks for watching!! 🙂 [Also posted a new pic on Instagram earlier tonight if you follow me there. A bit of an ‘au naturel’ shot. 😉 ]
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