Ear Massage and Cleaning – ASMR Soft Spoken

This is an ear cleaning and massage binaural video. I use various tools to clean the ear and several techniques to massage the ear. The ambient sounds version is also available.

My client this time is my hubby! Since this was the first time that I have ever cleaned an ear, I decided that it was best to practice on someone who would love me regardless the outcome. *He had a very hard time staying awake.

I know I don’t typically “follow the crowd” on my videos… but I have had much enjoyment watching others clean ears and I just couldn’t help myself. I had to make my own! So… here you go!

And, even though Velocity hasn’t made an appearance in a video in a long time, she decided to sit in on this one and clean herself. I guess seeing my hubby’s ear get cleaned was just too much temptation. Had to get in on the action.

P.S. Obviously, I do not clean ears for a living. In fact, I’m pretty sure that his ear didn’t get cleaned at all. BUT, he did get relaxed, so I’m happy. Oh, and no… I have no clue what all those tools were called… thus my, oh yes… I will now utilize this long metal… stick… with a rounded head. Yes… metal stick thingy. Surely you are used to clean ears in this manner! Ah ha! Or not. For those who actually know how to use these tools.. umm… yeah. Sorry…. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how I was supposed to use them and what their names are!

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