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Let Me Help You Sleep Well?/ ASMR Personal Attention Roleplay / Hair brushing & Scalp Massage

02:02 neck pillow around your neck 03:50 light lavender candle 06:32 tidy your hair a little bit 07:41 wood brushing tapping sound 09:16 hair brushing 14:14 scalp massage 21:14 neck and shoulder massage 24:08 face brushing 28:59 face touching and tickle 30:25 fluffy ear cleaning 32:42 sleep 🙂 Hello everyone! This is Latte 🙂 Today […]

Zzzzz… ASMR No Talking Head Massage & Hair Play – Binaural Sounds For Sleep

♥ Help Support This Channel @ 200+ Exclusive Videos @ ↓ Follow Me! Social Media Links Below ↓ Zzzzz… ASMR No Talking Head Massage & Hair Play – Binaural Sounds For Sleep A full hour of no talking binaural hair play and scalp massage sounds with Corrina and Kendall. ASMR Massage & Spa […]

ASMR Fireside Head & Scalp Massage w/ Face Cleansing & Oil ~ Personal Attention Role Play for Sleep

Hello again my loves! Tonight we are sitting by the cosy fire and I will cleanse your face, give you a delicate facial massage with some oil and then after, a scalp massage with some scalp scratching, to release stress and help you drift off to sleep 🙂 This is the first video in a […]


Welcome back to my channel everyone! If you’re new here or returning, I hope you stick around, and know that I am EXTREMELY humbled to have you! Today’s video is a tingly pamper spa Roleplay, where I give your hair a nice lathering scalp massage, condition and cut. I apologize ahead of time for the […]

WhispersRed ASMR ❤︎ Essential Face and Scalp Massage with Hair Brushing For Relaxation ?

Hi everyone 🙂 It’s us, Emma and Char :’) Words can’t explain how surreal, random and amazing it was. I somewhat hinted to you in my previous videos/instagram/vlog that I had a surprise and I wasn’t even sure what was to happen yet. I knew I would only be in London for a very short […]

ASMR Scalp Care / Treatment *Massage, Trimming, Brushing, Washing, Cutting*

ASMR Scalp Care / Treatment *Massage, Trimming, Brushing, Washing, Cutting* Twitter: Today the men receives a deeply relaxing scalp treatment. Many triggers for you in this ASMR video 🙂 Enjoy (Fe)MaleASMR

ASMR Sleepy Hairplay with Scalp Massage ~ Oils – Sprays – Brushes

Please close your eyes and enjoy this relaxing video for sleep. For Early Access and Private Videos! SNAPCHAT: Fairycharizard Tweets by CharStarsLove VLOG CHANNEL: I MAKE JEWELRY: SHOP MY CLOSET: MY PO BOX: FAIRYCHAR PO BOX 552 HAYWARD, CA 94543 Hello, friends! I hope you liked this personal attention […]

Ear scratching, Scalp massage ASMR – no talking –

Hello my friends again! As I ‘ve said there is a no talking version of the ear scratching video you have liked so much 🙂 I enjoyed recording this one really too! I fell asleep for real haha. Like there was like nothing on video and recorder audio. just me no moving haha. whatever. I […]

ASMR Men’s Relaxing Face and Scalp Massage Part 3

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sending you love and light wherever you are! Thank you so so so much for watching! Take care of yourselves always! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Where to find me: SNAPCHAT: Fairycharizard Tweets by CharStarsLove VLOG CHANNEL: I […]

Ear scratching, Scalp massage ASMR – little bit of Slovak/English whispering –

No talking version Well we tried it in the last video so now here is more if you liked it. I hope you will like it as always 🙂 Its little bit diferent as usual ear scratching that you can find here on youtube with rubber ears. I dont have them haha. So just […]

ASMR Scalp, Back, Shoulders & Neck Massage | Shea Butter & Coconut Oil | No Talking

Hey there tingle monster 🙂 0:14 hair brushing 3:08 scalp massage & scratch 5:48 hair oiling 8:45 back, shoulders & neck massage 10:04 Shea butter 14:34 ears massage 18:57 hair brushing & playing 20:50 Hair braiding 22:40 hair oiling 25:15 back, shoulders & neck massage In this video I use Roland CS-10EM In-Ear Monitors. High-quality […]

ASMR Scalp Massage For You | Scalp & Beard Massage w/ Ear To Ear Whispers

Hi. I know you’ve had a long day. You’ve been stressed out and have a headache after work. Let me give you a scalp massage to try to relax you and melt your headache away. The winner of the Back To School Giveaway will still be announced in a short video this weekend 🙂 Lipstick […]

Sleepy ASMR Head Massage by the Fire✨?✨Oils, Brushing, Whispers & Soft Speaking | Re-upload

An ASMR head massage near a crackling fireplace. Sleepy and quiet. Triggers include Oil dropper bottle, wooden hairbrush, hair sounds, brushing, whispering and soft speaking. This is a re-upload as the last version had to be cut into two parts due to a copyright strike on the channel. There were lots of requests to have […]

? No Talking ASMR Scalp & Head Massage with Shampoo Sound 1 Hour! :O

This is ‘Scalp & Head Massage with Shampoo Sound 1 Hour’ no talking ASMR! Hello everyone! My dear subscribers from all over the world! Nice to meet you! I am Korean ASMRtist PPOMO 🙂 Thank you for your watching :D! 안녕하세요 여러분! 머리와 두피마사지 ASMR입니다 xD 여러가지 시도를 해봤어요 XD 나무막대로 긁어보기도 하고 거품소리를 넣어보기도 […]

[Korean 한국어 ASMR] 리얼! 여러가지 도구로 머리긁기와 두피 마사지 Realistic Scalp Scratching & Head Massage

매주 금요일 밤 11시~ ASMR / 토요일 밤 10시~ 게임방송 ? Will you Support me on Patreon? ? ? All ASMR Video Playlist : ? English ASMR or English subtitles Playlist : ? 日本語 ASMR or 日本語じまくPlaylist : ? Sous-titres français ASMR playlist : ? Español subtitle ASMR […]