Pelagea ASMR55 Videos

ASMR – Face & Scalp Treatment *& Examination*- lovely care ENGLISH * ASMR massage

Hello my Dear! I’m very happy today – I have a new English video! And I hope so much you will like it! It is going to be a nice face and scalp treatment. I will examine your face and then you will get a nice massage with a massager and soothing massager sounds! I […]

ASMR – 3D Cranial Nerve Exam – no talking – latex gloves – Close Personal Attention♥ АСМР

Experiment ) Эксперимент) Ich habe in letzter Zeit immer wieder gemerkt, dass meine Videos sich gegenseitig immer ähnlicher werden und um mich selbst ein wenig zu entspannen, habe ich mal diese Version gedreht. Ich weiß, dass das vermutlich nicht so beliebt ist, denn die Stille schwächt ein Stück die Interaktion mit dem Zuschauer und für […]

ASMR – A nice drink, head massage and all my love for you ♥ ENGLISH

Hi! This is my first english video and I want to celebrate it! So let’s have a drink and then you can just enjoy your relaxing headmassage! By the way, that isn’t just my first english video, it is the first time I speak english anyway! I learn english just for two month now ( […]

ASMR – best ASMR play ever – be my toy! ♥ Touching – STROKING – Brushing – KISSES

Hello! I’m a big fan of ASMR made with an old and very bad cam! Maybe that’s the reason why I often prefer very new Artists! And now I decided to try it myself! I wanted it to be something like the first video – just fun, play a lot of mistakes and much love! […]

ASMR – BEST CARE after a HARD DAY – neck massage and EATING a MARSHMALLOW!

Hey my Dear! I’ve heard so often I look like a doll so I made this – smudged make up and unbrushed hair )) I know there will be a few people who dislike it but… I don’t know… I kinda was like to do it that way, don’t know why… I’m even not sure […]

ASMR – best SLEEP treatment! EAR CUPPING TAPPING and TOUCHING to make you fall asleep!

Hello my dear! I wish you the best dreams! Enjoy this video and feel loved and secured! ♥ IMPORTANT! I need your help! My neigbours who are already very noisy (so that I have to record videos only at night) got a second child and I have a lot trouble to record new videos even […]

ASMR – DOING YOUR MakeUp 💋 tiiingly, tinglee and.. Ohh, yes, TINGLES!!!

Hello my Dear! Today I’m going to be doing your MakeUp and I really hope you will like it! And I want to say sorry for all the mistakes in this video! It is a very bad English here… even more than usual! I try to work on it! I’m really sorry for that! But […]


Today it’s going to be very relaxing! Enjoy your ear cleaning! ♥ I’d be very happy to get your support for a recording studio on my Patreon! ♥

ASMR – FLUFFY microphone brushing – you are the microphon! GENTLE -breathing -blowing (no talking)

Hey ♥ Today I try to relax you with a kind microphon brushing, earblowing and breathing. You are “the microphone” so I hope this experience will be realistic for you! And I really hope you will like it and maybe even fall asleep! Love you all!! Pelagea XXX Follow me on instagram-…

ASMR – funny MEN’S HAIRCUT by a BARBER – soo sensitive personal attention – ENGLISH

Hi my Dear! Today I will give you a nice haircut and I hope you will like it! And I have to confess something! ))) This video is maybe a little bit weird. The problem was that I was vveeery tired while doing it. There are a lot of loud neighbors in my house and […]