Pelagea ASMR131 Videos

weird ASMR Shot #shorts

#shorts Ohhhh this new feature is fun! Let’s play a game! Write “MAGIC” into the comments if you see this short in your shorts feed! I am just playing around to figure out how this shorts thing works! Please bare with me! Cause if it does – it could be so great! I am often […]

A Guide: How to Light a Cigar

What You see here is just a little behind the scene from 3 Years ago. I was struggling at that moment, didn’t know how to light it. After editing it out, I uploaded it to youtube, to share with a few friends and laugh at myself. That’s where I found it tonight. In truth, there […]

ASMR a very deep Meditation!

This is my work. With all the imperfetkions. With all the search I was in and I am in. While I was making it for you I found that I made it for myself. But I hope it will do some good for you too because that was so much on m heart when I […]

ASMR – HYPNOTIC sleep clinic! (unreal feel!!)

Youtube is taking its time with the video I recorded and edited for this channel. So as long as we wait I decided to upload this one. It was actually planed for my second channel. But there went so much editing into the sound so i figured you may like it too! Credit for the […]

ASMR – This LEG ASMR is insanly hypnotic!

This is the most favorite trigger on my streams. So I figured you may like it too? If not I think I’ll delete the video if I notice that you dislike it as I really don’t want to cause any more trouble or make anyone angry! I am still trying a few things for my […]

ASMR – Pure unIntelligible whispering.

So this video is inspired from my streams! I have decided that I want to learn the basics better! I know this video isn’t so good yet and I’ll have to learn a lot to make these kind of videos as effective as they can be! I actually believe that ASMR, if done right, doesn’t […]

ASMR – You’re my man!

I hope you’ll relax with this one! It is fun and hopefully tingle! Go to and find out how you can get 3 months free!

ASMR touches and words you NEED after a hard day!

Hope you will like it! This is the first Video in the Christmas theme tis year! I want it to be Beautiful for us! The tree and all the decorations are for you! And I am so glad to have you because other way I wouldn’t have it myself either! Thank you for making my […]

ASMR ? – 100 sounds of GAMING. ?️ ?️

This video is for those who game and need some help with focusing!

ASMR ⚠️ – Too INTENSE! Only for experienced ASMRer

I hope this video will help you to fall asleep!

ASMR ? – ? Hangover? I’m all you need! ? [Oktoberfest]

So as many of you wished I record now also videos more like in the past! In the very very past! Even the acting is reminiscent of my very beginings in ASMR since i used to act more femenine then and changed it later when I started recording english ASMR (since it didn’t seem usual […]

ASMR for MEN – Your GERMAN Service for the best SHAVE! АСМР

Thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring today’s video! Go to to get your first Starter Set for just $5. After the first box, regular sized products ship at regular price and you can add/remove items and adjust the schedule of shipment.

ASMR – Best TRIGGER competition!

So hopefully you are going to like his video! It took me a while to edt it and I was met with undexpteted prblems! But now it is all done and I am happy to be able to upload it for you! I hope you will enjoy it!

ASMR : Gentle ASMR to help you fall asleep!

Hello! I have missed you all very much! I am so sorry it took me so long to come back but i am back now! I know this vido isn’t so special and I was actually very worried about the first video after such a long break! But being worried does not help and after […]