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If you really want to get a stimulating experience, you need to watch some of the best ASMR no talking videos. You will get to enjoy soothing sounds without any narration. These videos are relaxing and have become very popular these days.

On our website ASMR garden, you will find tons of such videos that have just one purpose i.e. to entertain you, relax you and keep you hooked without any narration.

If you are all set to have this experience, you will get the videos with an easy search. There are different types and categories of videos and you need to be open minded in order to take in these sensations. Watch some of the best ASMR no talking videos without feeling under pressure or without worrying about any single thing.

(3D binaural sound) Asmr ear cleaning & virtual laryngologist (no talking) relaxing ear massage

Yesterday, when I was trying to record a role play video without any talking, again I realised, it’s not that simple, but finally somehow I got through it, and here is the result of my work. Definitely the hardest point was to express some intentions without saying a word. Anyway I had a lot of […]

(ASMR) Hand Sounds (No Talking) Obviously

A collection of many sounds of the Hand; some old, some new. Not a word is spoken, only the sounds of the Hand will be heard. Enjoy the Hand, may the sounds bring you great relaxation TIME STAMPS (all praise Josh Kang) Random hand sounds 0:00-0:36 Hand shaking 0:38-0:55 Finger rubbing 0:56-2:16 Finger Tapping 2:17-3:03 […]

(ASMR) Just Tapping (No Talking!) (Fast tapping)

For the people out there who don’t want to listen to me whine: here’s a no talking video; only tapping (mostly fast). Less prominently also some soft water/liquid sounds. Thank you guys so much for subscribing; We broke the 500 sub barrier today and with your help might even go through the 600 as well. […]

[ASMR Binaural] Blending Kiehl’s Products – No Talking

🇬🇧 There’s one of the two videos I promised in my Skin Care Routine video : mixing some Kiehl’s products with Jojoba Oil and Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Enjoy! – 🇫🇷 Voici l’une des deux vidéos que j’ai promis dans celle de ma Routine Soin Visage : mélanger des produits Kiehl’s avec de l’Huile de Jojoba […]

[ASMR Binaural] Plastic Puzzle 3D Tetris – No Talking

🇬🇧 In this calm video I introduce you to a cheap game I recently bought that makes really nice plastic sounds. The paper indicates you how to start, and then you have to find out how to finish the pyramid or the rectangle with the remaining pieces. – 🇫🇷 Dans cette vidéo plutôt calme je […]

[ASMR Binaural] Scalp Massage – No Talking

🇬🇧 Pure Scalp Massage without talking for this one 🙂 – 🇫🇷 Pur Massage du Cuir Chevelu sans voix pour cette vidéo 🙂 Thumbs Up when you Wake Up! Subscribe for more videos! Give me your feedback in the comments, If you have requests I may record them. I recommend using headphones. Video recorded on […]

[ASMR Binaural] Shoe Shine – No Talking

🇬🇧 Fast movements are the key to a good shoe shine so might not like this video if you’re looking for slow movements to relax 🙂 Shoelaces, Hard Brush, Soft Brush, Polishing Sounds all along this video. A bit of a thin layer of paper to protect the table and there you go. – 🇫🇷 […]

[ASMR Binaural] Soft Burlap Pouch & Many Triggering Items – No Talking

🇬🇧 I think I love this lighting 🙂 Pouch sounds filled with various triggering items like Brushes, Silica Gel Sachets, Thin Crinkly Paper, Wooden Blocks, the Loofah Glove. Also some Zipper sounds, Scratching, Brushing, etc Have a good night! – 🇫🇷 Je crois que j’adore cet éclairage 🙂 Des Poches en Toile de Jute douces […]

[ASMR Binaural] Unwrapping 5 Crinkly Packages – No Talking

🇬🇧 Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank YOU That said, let’s start our Special 100K Subs Video Series, with a big unboxing of new items I bought speeecially for you guys. When you’ll see what these items are, you’ll understand what kind of video I am now able to record 🙂 – 🇫🇷 Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerci à VOUS Ceci étant dit, il […]

[ASMR Binaural] Water Spray Bottle (Ear-To-Ear) – No Talking

🇬🇧 Relax and sleep with water spray, some plastic bottle and liquid sounds. 4 different spray bottles for your pleasure. – 🇫🇷 Relaxez-vous et dormez avec des sons de spray, de flacons en plastique et d’eau liquide. 4 flacons différents pour votre plaisir. Thumbs Up when you Wake Up! Subscribe for more videos! Give me […]

[ASMR No talking] 20 minutes of intense TONGUE CLICKING!♥ (sound of my intro!) *3Dio*

Hi♥ I’m EL ASMR and today: No talking video of intense Tongue clicking+ some ear tapping and touching 🙂 kisses ✿My No Talking ASMR: ▼LINK: (follow me)↓vai giù ❤My drawing channel: ❤Facebook: ❤Instagram: ❤Twitter: 🙂 Donation Paypal You can help me with donations to improve my channel equipment and for a new camera, […]

[ASMR] Microphone Brushing, Touching, Tapping – No Talking, Upclose

[ASMR] Microphone Brushing, Touching, Tapping – No Talking – Upclose Hello everybody!!! In this video I will use a few brushes, a thing and some rubber gloves to create some tingles and relaxation. Managed to keep the camera on focus throughout the whole video, I am PROUD! :’) Video was requested by… ONE PUNCHHHH !!! […]

[ASMR] No Talking – Ringing, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowl, Meditation Balls

Playing around with some different ringing sounds. As always, feel free to like, comment, and subscribe! I’d love to hear your feedback/suggestions. Timestamps: 00:00 Singing Bowl with wooden stick 04:10 Tuning Forks with felt beater 11:09 Singing Bowl with felt beater 11:55 Tuning Forks and singing bowl 16:03 Meditation Balls 22:00 Singing Bowl 23:10 Singing […]