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Binaural ASMR: Opening 36 Magic The Gathering Booster Packs. Unboxing Tingles In The Land Of Tarkir

Hiya! In this ASMR video, we open 540 Magic The Gathering Tarkir Cards together—I got 7 shiny foil cards! Put your headphones on for studio quality up close whispering, soft speaking, card sounds and crinkling. If you guys really like this, please let me know, and I will purchase more. The boxes are very expensive, […]

9 Binaural ASMR Triggers To Keep You Tingling

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features: up close soft speaking, whispering, tapping, scratching, crinkling, ear brushing, and more. I am using a friend’s DSLR camera until I can get a new one for myself, and it has one macro lens and no auto focus haha, so that’s what I am working with. I have a […]

Binaural ASMR: Taking A Bath In 60,000 Orbeez (Water Gems) For Relaxation, Tingles, And Sleep

Hiya! This ASMR video features ear to ear soft speaking, whispering, crinkling, cutting, and the sound of 60,000 orbeez filling up around you. This was filmed before Christmas, but I was nervous about posting it. I hope you like it. Happy Viewing! Subscribe to my channel for more ASMR, relaxation, and all around feel good […]

Ferrofluid ASMR: Playing with Rocket Fuel! Oddly Satisfying Magnetic Liquid Magic

Hiya friends! This ASMR video features science, you monster! It also has loads of up close ear to ear soft speaking and whispering. Pull up a chair—or a bed—and get your tingle on as Professor Feather teaches you about Ferrofluid. Happy Viewing! Subscribe to my channel for more ASMR, relaxation, and all around feel good […]

Extremely Satisfying ASMR: DIY Crunchy Fishbowl Slime, Squishy Foam Slime, and Magnetic Slime

Hey youuuuu guuuuuys! This ASMR video features adventures in making three different kinds of slime: Fishbowl (which I have renamed Blue Sky cause it looks like Walter White’s creation), Play Foam (Floam) Slime, and Magnetic Slime. There is soft speaking, whispering, crunching, and more tingly goodness to be found as I shove slime all up […]

Binaural ASMR: Ear to Ear Whispering Interesting Facts For Relaxation, Sleep, and Tingles

Hiya! This educational ASMR video features getting right up in your ears for 360 degree whispering, breathy whispering, and some anticipatory triggers. This is sort of a bonus video for the week. I have a third video coming out in a day or so this week, but so many of you asked for a strictly […]

ASMR Binaural SK “Gourmet” Sound Slice For Relaxation And Sleep

Hiya! I have prepared a fresh hot Sound Slice for you in my professional studio! Feast your ears on today’s ASMR topping: SK! Even though SK originated from this channel, has become one of the most popular ASMR triggers ever, and there are thousands of people creating hundreds of thousands of videos with it, I […]

THIS. IS. SPATA! Binaural ASMR Spa Role Play With Cupping Therapy, Facial, Steam, And Massage

Hiya! Welcome to my 300th ASMR video! In it, you will be receiving a relaxing treatment package from S.P.A.T.A. It features Cupping Therapy, Rotary Brush/Steam/Mist Facial, Vibrating Head Massage that you can feel through your headphones, Ear Massage and Tapping, Up Close Personal Attention, Soft Speaking, and Spray Sounds. Thank you all for allowing me […]

ASMR Ear Cleaning Role Play: Binaural Audio That Lets You Feel Me In Your Ears!

Hiya! In this ASMR video, I tried to create the sensation of me touching and being inside your ears. It features: whispering, soft speaking, ear tapping, ear massage, ear cupping, latex glove sounds, and a whole lot of sounds I created in ridiculous ways to try and make it sound like I am removing wax […]

I’ve Been Keeping A Secret: ASMR Soft Spoken Binaural Reveal

Hello everyone! In this ASMR video, I show you some secrets I have been keeping, and talk about where I have been with ear to ear binaural effects. This video is just me talking to you as me, so I do get emo and I do giggle a bit. I tried to edit out all […]

ASMR Role Play: This Is A Test. This Is Only A Test. Binaural Tingles For Relaxation and Sleep

Long time no see! This sound studio quality binaural ASMR video includes: vibrations that you may actually be able to feel on your head, 360 degrees of sound, soft speaking, headphones over your ears, follow the light, latex glove sounds, crinkly shirt sounds, sticky sounds, typing, writing, and whispering. It’s been a couple minutes since […]

ASMR Channel Update And Hints Of What’s To Come!

Hello everyone! I wanted to give you an idea of what to expect in the immediate future (there are more surprises in store, but I wanted to keep this update relevant to the projects you will encounter first). I have tried to keep you all informed, but its hard to do through comment replies. I […]

ASMR Binaural Sound Slice: Brain Percussion (Tibetan Singing Bowl, Tuning Fork, Triangle)

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features Tuning forks, Singing bowls, and Triangles. I moved around my room alot, and also tied some of the instruments to fishing line and either spun them around the mic, or twisted the line super tight and then spun the instrument to create different sounds and to create different ways […]

ASMR Binaural Sound Slice: Unlocking Your Brain

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features the clicking sounds of different locks, moving in 360 degrees around your head. Thank you all for the patience and understanding you’ve shown me recently. I am getting back into the swing of things, and I am working super hard on getting the top triggers video done for you. […]

ASMR Circle Time 2! 3D Binaural Anticipatory Tingles and Triggers for Relaxation

Hello everyone! Please wear headphones for the 3D effect. This ASMR video features: full use of the 3D microphone (I circled you throughout the video, so it will sound like I am moving all around you—even above you), soft speaking, whispering, breathing in your ears, and anticipatory tingles. A long time ago back in 2013, […]