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[ASMR] Cooking With Gibi! Again! (Blue Apron)

First 100 people to sign up will get three meals off their Blue Apron order free! Click here: This video was sponsored by Blue Apron 🙂 The recipe I used if you want to follow along: Hey guys!!! I really loved making my first Blue Apron video and felt like I could make […]

Whispering Your Name – Custom Name Trigger ASMR (July Edition)

LAST CHANCE SIGN UP: ALSO NOTE: My social media on my end screen is wrong! My insta and twitter are now @GibiOfficial Hello my lovely viewers!! Welcome to the second to last name video!! AHHH!! I cannot believe this is my 11th one. You guys know how incredibly humbled and in awe of this […]

[ASMR] Sleep Clinic Roleplay – Trigger Test (Whispered)

Hey guys!!!! I’m so excited to show you this video because I’ve ALWays loved watching sleep clinic vids! They’re just an excuse for me to whip out some great triggers I’ve been wanting to use for a while 😎 Thank you to my Patron Andreas for requesting this idea! Forgive me for the shoddy green […]

[ASMR] Cozy Coffee Shop During a Thunderstorm (Roleplay)

Hello everybody! Thank you to my Patron Edison for this idea! Note; I have moved into my new recording space and am obviously still figuring things out =_=” The graininess/noise that is in this video (and the next one) WILL be fixed by Tuesday’s vid! I hope you enjoy this regardless, I found it suuuper […]

[ASMR] Daisy at Comic-Con (Shopping Roleplay) (Soft Spoken)

Hi, I’m Daisy! I LOVE your cosplay… now come check out the stuff at my totally legitimate booth! Only one catch, you have to let me sketch your cosplay! Big shoutout to Israel who won the draw-of-the-month on my Patreon, and requested a “Daisy at an Anime Convention” roleplay!!!! I hope you love it! Background […]

[ASMR] Tapping on Books, Page Turning (Whispered Ramble)

Hello everybody 🙂 Welcome to this simple trigger video! I absolutely love tapping on books, they make the best sounds AND you can add page turning sounds into the mix! Books I tap on: Death Note Vol. 5 (story by Tsugumi Ohba, art by Takeshi Obata) Sideways Stories From Wayside School (by Louis Sachar) Love […]

[ASMR] Daenerys’ Interview – Game of Thrones Roleplay (Part 2)

Watch Part 1 first, Missandei’s Interview: And in playlist form, if you don’t want to have to click to the next video: A massive thank you to the gorgeous BohemianWhisper ASMR (ugh @ my typo in the beginning title!) for doing this collab with me! Scripted roleplays are not easy and I am […]

[ASMR] Mail Time #1 – Soap, Puzzles, Gear, Pokemon!

Hello everyone and welcome to ~Mail Time~!!! This is a new series in which I will be showing you stuff that small business, viewers, and other content creators send to lil’ ol’ Gibi. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. A big, gigantic, massive thank you to everyone who sent me things! […]

[ASMR] Positive Affirmations & Thoughts (Close Up Whispering)

Hello everybody 🙂 I hope you enjoy this video. I decided to take the time to write down some thoughts that I like to repeat to myself and dwell on, especially when I’m feeling negative or down. Let me know if you like it 🙂 In a general order: It’s okay You have the potential […]

[ASMR] Painting Your Face! (Relaxing Roleplay) (Soft Spoken)

Hi everybody! This is one of my absolute favvvvorite triggers/roleplays, so here are a few links to other amazing Face Painting roleplays that have all given me massive ASMR: VisualSounds1: Karuna Satori: Heather Feather: Nia M.: I hope you all enjoy the unnamed creation you get on your face!!! Hahahaha. Sleep […]