Gentle Whispering ASMR50 Videos


Hello! ^_^ I am speechless! ( Bloopers start at 03:00 ) Thank you for helping my channel and ASMR community to get to this milestone! 😮 I am so so humbled by your comments and your support, seeing you genuinely enjoy my videos for 6 years has been the biggest inspiration and guidance for me. […]

ASMR ? Doctor ? Testing Your Senses

Today I’ll be performing a few tests to check your senses. Please relax and enjoy it ? P.S: I’m in the process of moving and not as active here, my apologies. I do updates on Instagram if you’d like to check it. I’ll be back soon ? Thank you for watching and commenting, you make […]

ASMR …Tap and Rattle Russian Style…

Hallo 🙂 (in Russian accent) Today let’s tap on our favorite brushes 01:01 06:09 and listen to unique natural rattles that were used in Old Russia 08:38 13:33 and calm you down with slow hands 17:30. I hope you enjoy it ♥ please let me know what you think about these interesting rattles! I thank […]

ASMR ? Cooking Session w/BlueApron ? Soft Spoken / Oddly Satisfying /

First 100 viewers will get three meals off their Blue Apron order free! Click here: This video is sponsored by Blue Apron #ad Hello friends! Today let’s dive into an exquisite world of satisfying sounds, visuals and flavors. First we will learn about the convenient service of Blue Apron 0:00 , unbox the crinkly […]

ASMR ? Ear Attention ? Soft Spoken (mostly)

Hiiii! Today was hot and traffic was loud but I have constructed my version of mics as your ears and I couldn’t wait to hear your opinion on the quality of these. I haven’t yet done any videos like this so this is a test, please let me know if it’s good so I can […]

ASMR ? Discovering Sounds ?

Hello! 😀 How was your weekend? ♥ Today lets discover some new cool sounds that I hope you will enjoy! Please leave a comment with your favorite one ? 01:04 – Purple Chandelier ( over you 04:20 ) 07:30 – Beaded necklace 11:11 – Beaded string ( clicky clacky sound ♥ 12:26 , 13:37 – […]

ASMR ? Fall Asweep ? Hand Movements ? Whisper Ear-to-Ear

Hello sweetheart! (^_^) How are you? Today let’s do a relaxing energy sweep on you! I will gently whisper into your ears as I scan you and rid you of any negative energies I may find so you can feel nice and relaxed ♥ 🙂 Enjoy! Products/equipment used in this video: Lipstick: Eyeshadow: […]

АСМР ? Макияж на Природе ? Тихая Речь

Привеееет! 🙂 Сегодня мы с вами насладимся видами и звуками природы и сделаем красивенький макияж! ♥ 0 – Результат 00:13 – лицо без макияжа *.* 00:57 – заполнитель пор 01:49 – увлажняющий крем с тоном 02:26 – тональный крем 04:46 – консилер 05:52 – палочка для контура 07:35 – консилер […]

ASMR ? Make Up Tutorial in Nature ? Soft Spoken

Hello my loves! ♥ Today let’s sit down and do this soft make up look that was requested so often in the setting of Nature, surrounded by sounds of trees, wind and birds 🙂 Times: 0 – Final look 00:13 – naked face *.* 00:57 – pore filler 01:49 – tinted moisturizer 02:26 […]

ASMR ? Unboxing Gaming Laptop ASUS ?

In this video we’ll unbox and take a look at my new laptop ♥.♥ ASUS ROG G752 . I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and wow it is super fast! 🙂 I’m very pleased. Unboxing parts etc. 0-11:54, revealing the laptop 11:55 , taking a look at the working laptop as we […]

ASMR ? Tingly EarRings ? Whisper Ear-to-Ear

Hello, loves! ♥ In this video I will show you my collection of earrings that make very soothing sounds (and a few bracelets at the end) and will whisper to you ear-to-ear as we take a closer look at all of them. (*_*) I apologize for the unstable autofocus, I tried my best to work […]

АСМР ✂️ Салон для Мужчин ✂️ Пар ○ Бритье ○ Стрижка

Добрый вечер 🙂 Позвольте мне сегодня за вами поухаживать! ♥ Я поближе рассмотрю вашу кожу и волосы 0-08:24 , прикрою вас фартучком 08:26 , и расспарю вам лицо 09:32-15:40 , затем промакну хрустящей салфеточкой 15:50. Я взобью пенку для бритья 18:20 и нанесу её вам на личико 20:20 , пока наша пена активируется, я увлажню […]

ASMR .. Assorted Gentle Sounds .. Silent . Clicky . Sticky . Soapy

Happy Sunday! 🙂 This week I wanted to do a virtually silent video full of gentle soothing yet unique sounds that I hope you’ll enjoy too. You’ll notice me drifting away and totally enjoying these in the moment with you hence my funny sleepy faces x-D sorry.. it was so relaxing I couldn’t help ♥ […]

ASMR ?️ Get Your Groom On ?️ Brushing ?️ Soft Spoken

Happy Sunday Night! ^_^ Today let’s gently brush your ears and your hair and chat about what human “touch” means in our lives, how important it is and how ASMR videos (as well as online social platforms) are helping us transition into a new type of social bonding and social grooming. What are your thoughts […]

*? New Moon Ritual April *? Wish List / Crystals / Cards

Hello, hello! This video is not exactly a typical ASMR video, I’ll be speaking normally, but it could be relaxing to some. 🙂 In this video I will tell you a little bit about my spiritual practice of new moon rituals that I do monthly as a manifestation tool, that can be quiet meditative and […]