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Opening Pokemon Champion’s Path 🥇 ASMR Relax Crinkles and Cards Sounds

Today I’ll be opening 18 booster packs of Champion’s Path collection! Coming from an Elite Trainer Box, Hatterene V Collection, and Dubwool V Collection. Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Box (Affiliate Link) – Dubwool V Collection (Affiliate Link) – Hatterene V Collection (Affiliate Link) – Champion’s Path is a special expansion of the […]

Vintage Christmas Shop 🎄 ASMR Soft Spoken

Watch an ASMR Christmas Carol! Information and photos from “Christmas: 1940-1959, A Collector’s Guide to Decorations and Customs” by Robert Brenner Spotify – Patreon – Merch – #asmr

Christmas Party Makeup Role Play ASMR

For more Christmas cheer, watch An ASMR Christmas Carol on @Tinglesmith ASMR channel!! I play the Ghost of Christmas Past! Amazing performances by @ASMR Weekly @Wanaria ASMR @Atlas ASMR @Moonlight Cottage ASMR @Jimち ASMR and of course @Tinglesmith ASMR !! Spotify – Patreon – Merch – #asmr

Cranial Nerve Exam Role Play / ASMR

A classic Cranial Nerve Exam! Gave me a good excuse to practice some new audio techniques and ASMR styles! Hope you enjoy 🙂 ❤ Patreon – #asmr

ASMR Beer Tasting ? Banana Bread Beer

Tasting Eagle Brewery’s Banana Bread Beer! Patreon – #asmr

Soothing Pumpkin Face Treatment ⋮ ASMR Role Play

Some pumpkin for your skin and hair! Patreon – #asmr

Opening Pokemon Vivid Voltage Booster Box ⚡ ASMR Relax Crinkles and Cards Sounds

Hello all! Here’s the new Pokemon opening. This set came out 10 days ago so it’s brand new. Hope you enjoy! (For the prices, I averaged multiple sold eBay listings.) Pokemon openings playlist – Vivid Voltage is the name given to the fourth main expansion of the Sword & Shield Series of the Pokémon […]

ASMR How to Care for Your Familiar / Personal Attention for Jiji / Kiki’s Delivery Service

Round of applause for little kitty Max for playing a perfect Jiji! Based on the anime Kiki’s Delivery Service ❤️ Patreon – #asmr

ASMR Pompom Lice Removal

Lots of nice scalp and hair sounds as I remove these mysterious pompom “lice”! ✨✨✨ Patreon ~ #asmr

Summer Garden Tour ASMR / Soft Spoken

Better late than never, right? Hope everybody is having a nice fall so far! Last year’s summer garden tour – So a lot of you are asking about the red fountain! I purchased mine from K-mart 3-4 years ago. But I found a very similar looking one on amazon when I searched for ‘red […]

Vintage Halloween Decorations ASMR

A whispered showcase of vintage die-cut paper Halloween decorations, mostly from before the 1940s. Bibliography Time for Halloween Decorations by Claire M. Lavin Timeless Halloween Collectibles 1920-1949 by Claire M. Lavin ✨✨✨ Patreon ~ #asmr

Soft Spoken Houseplant Tour ASMR

I wanted to share with you which houseplants I have! I mainly have carnivorous plants and orchids, but I’m starting get into the other types of houseplants as well and will probably continue to grow my collection! Some Amazon affiliate links for some of the products in the video! Mushroom humidifier – Cactus humidifier […]

ASMR Unboxing Vintage / Preowned Halloween Decorations

I went on a little shopping spree and collected this small haul of preowned Halloween decorations! Some are vintage (from the 90s/80s) and some have an unknown age! Patreon ~ #asmr #halloween

ASMR Gentle Hand Treatment for Joint Pain

Mr Spooky Skeleton is back and this time he’s dealing with some joint pain in his hands. Nothing that I can’t take care of! ✨✨✨ Patreon ~ #asmr

ASMR for Sleep ✨ Bedtime Routine / Slow and Gentle

Here’s a slow and gentle, whispered video to help you fall asleep. The sounds are understated and quiet. ❤ ✨✨✨ Patreon ~ #asmr