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ASMR Acupressure Massage for Stress Reduction and Sleep

0:00 – 1:08 Welcoming you 1:09 – 1:37 Mixing up a massage oil with essential oils 1:38 – 8:15 Massaging your body 8:16 – 10:50 GV 20 10:51 – 13:36 GB 20 13:37 – 15:58 EX-HN 3 15:59 – 18:00 LI 10 18:01 – 19:52 LU 9 19:53 – 21:37 HT 7 21:38 – 23:10 […]

Zombie Apocalypse Market ASMR ? Buying a New Backpack / Fabric / Crinkling / Backpack Demonstration

In this video, you’re purchasing a new backpack. I will show you several of the ones I have with a quiet soft spoken voice. 5:47 Denim backpack 12:23 Leather backpack 17:59 Colorful big backpack 23:37 Plaid JanSport backpack 28:06 Little pink backpack 31:19 Camo backpack 35:20 Trinkets, key chains, buttons Spotify – Patreon – […]

? Relaxing Whispered Seed Catalog Flip Through ? ASMR 2021

Spotify – Patreon – Merch – #asmr

ASMR Beer Tasting ? Lucky Buddha Beer

Tasting Lucky Buddha Enlightened Brew! Also doing a bit of a craft with the beautiful bottle. Spotify – Patreon – Merch – #asmr

Relaxing Haircut Role Play ✂ ASMR Shampoo / Hair Steaming / Scissors / Brushing

00:29 Shampooing another visitor and drying 03:54 Welcoming you and taking a look at your hair 05:56 Brushing your hair with a wooden brush 11:37 Using a bristle brush this time 15:50 Time for shampoo and condition with a scalp massage 31:56 Applying a hair treatment to infuse your hair during the steaming, wearing gloves […]

Opening Pokemon Champion’s Path ? ASMR Relax Crinkles and Cards Sounds

Today I’ll be opening 18 booster packs of Champion’s Path collection! Coming from an Elite Trainer Box, Hatterene V Collection, and Dubwool V Collection. Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Box (Affiliate Link) – Dubwool V Collection (Affiliate Link) – Hatterene V Collection (Affiliate Link) – Champion’s Path is a special expansion of the […]

Vintage Christmas Shop ? ASMR Soft Spoken

Watch an ASMR Christmas Carol! Information and photos from “Christmas: 1940-1959, A Collector’s Guide to Decorations and Customs” by Robert Brenner Spotify – Patreon – Merch – #asmr

Christmas Party Makeup Role Play ASMR

For more Christmas cheer, watch An ASMR Christmas Carol on @Tinglesmith ASMR channel!! I play the Ghost of Christmas Past! Amazing performances by @ASMR Weekly @Wanaria ASMR @Atlas ASMR @Moonlight Cottage ASMR @Jimち ASMR and of course @Tinglesmith ASMR !! Spotify – Patreon – Merch – #asmr

Cranial Nerve Exam Role Play / ASMR

A classic Cranial Nerve Exam! Gave me a good excuse to practice some new audio techniques and ASMR styles! Hope you enjoy 🙂 ❤ Patreon – #asmr

ASMR Beer Tasting ? Banana Bread Beer

Tasting Eagle Brewery’s Banana Bread Beer! Patreon – #asmr

Soothing Pumpkin Face Treatment ⋮ ASMR Role Play

Some pumpkin for your skin and hair! Patreon – #asmr

Opening Pokemon Vivid Voltage Booster Box ⚡ ASMR Relax Crinkles and Cards Sounds

Hello all! Here’s the new Pokemon opening. This set came out 10 days ago so it’s brand new. Hope you enjoy! (For the prices, I averaged multiple sold eBay listings.) Pokemon openings playlist – Vivid Voltage is the name given to the fourth main expansion of the Sword & Shield Series of the Pokémon […]

ASMR How to Care for Your Familiar / Personal Attention for Jiji / Kiki’s Delivery Service

Round of applause for little kitty Max for playing a perfect Jiji! Based on the anime Kiki’s Delivery Service ❤️ Patreon – #asmr

ASMR Pompom Lice Removal

Lots of nice scalp and hair sounds as I remove these mysterious pompom “lice”! ✨✨✨ Patreon ~ #asmr

Summer Garden Tour ASMR / Soft Spoken

Better late than never, right? Hope everybody is having a nice fall so far! Last year’s summer garden tour – So a lot of you are asking about the red fountain! I purchased mine from K-mart 3-4 years ago. But I found a very similar looking one on amazon when I searched for ‘red […]