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100 Mighty ASMR Triggers for Sleep

YOU are in need for some good sleep?? No problem! ASMR ZEITGEIST presents a tingly compilation that features over 100 (!) mighty ASMR triggers for sleep! Listen to a huge variety of lots of different trigger sounds like whispering, ear cupping, brushing, scratching, ear massage, head massage, ear cleaning, sticky sounds, crinkles, liquids and and […]

ASMR – Rowing You to Sleep | WaterRower Sounds | No Talking

Row, row, row your boat, Gently down to sleep… Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream. Please wear headphones to experience this binaural ASMR video in full sound quality. Hope you enjoy this video. For new episodes every week, subscribe here! Feel free to follow me on other social media. Facebook: […]

ASMR | 1.000 TINGLES OUT OF THE BLUE | Whispered Meditation for Sleep & Lots of Tingly Triggers

In this ASMR video you’ll listen to a whispered meditation for sleep and lots of tingly trigger sounds…out of the blue. Besides soothing male ear to ear whispering, this video contains trigger like tapping, scratching, crinkling, lid sounds, trigger words, ear cupping and many more. Get ready for intense tingles, deep relaxation and healthy sleep. […]

ASMR | Beard Scratching & Close Up Whispering (Ear to Ear, Scratching, Combing, Beard to Mic)

Hey Insomniacs! This ASMR video is all about beard scratching and close up whispering. I know that a lot of you will enjoy that because both got requested a lot. It contains the binaural sounds of manly beard scratching and grooming (with beard oil) along with soft and soothing male whispering from ear to ear. […]

ASMR | CRANIAL NERVE EXAM | Doctor Role Play, Soft Spoken, Follow the Light (binaural)

ASMR CRANIAL NERVE EXAM! The doctor role play became a true ASMR classic over the years. Enjoy the awesome quality of this brand new version. This video is soft spoken with crystal clear binaural sounds and includes every tingly step of the real examination. It’ll give you intense tingles, deep relaxation and healthy sleep. You’re […]

ASMR | Hands, Gloves & Whispering (German/English)

Hey sweet Insomniacs, this ASMR video nothing but hand- and glove sounds along with some intense whispering close to the mic in English and German. You’ll listen to the layered sounds of bare hands and some gloves out of different materials (leather, latex, wool and rubber)Get yourself ready for deep relaxation, healthy sleep and sweet […]

ASMR | Kinetic Sand & The Illusion of Time

This video is my approach of one of the most popular Triggers in ASMR: Kinetic Sand. It’s going to be a mediation about the illusion of time. Enjoy the tingly, scratching sounds of sand along with soft and soothing male whispering from ear to ear. It’s going to be a hypnotic trip to deep relaxation. […]

ASMR | STIMULATE YOUR SENSES – How it feels to get tingles

YOU are in need for some high quality ASMR to stimulate your senses?! Simply watch this video! ASMR Zeitgeist and Frank the binaural microphone present a lot of fresh triggers, each of them unique and highly tingle inducing. This video features: sugar pearls directly on your ears bubbly bath bomb underwater sounds slime on your […]

ASMR | TINGLE TWINS SHARE A BANANA | Wild Triggers & Intense Whispering

Hey Insomniacs, in this ASMR video the infamous tingle twins decide to go all cloveress on a huge banana. Get ready for some wild triggers and intense male whispering. This is an awesome trigger assortment and includes: tapping, scratching, mouth sounds, eating sounds, lid sounds, trigger words and much more. By the way: Do you […]

ASMR | Tingly Personal Attention, Head Massage & Touching Your Face (Binaural)

This ASMR video is all about caring, tingly personal attention. It contains the binaural sounds of gentle face touching and an intense and relaxing head massage, along with soft and soothing male whispering from ear to ear. You’ll forget about your bad mood. This video is supposed to help you to relax, sleep and hopefully […]