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ASMR | STIMULATE YOUR SENSES – How it feels to get tingles

YOU are in need for some high quality ASMR to stimulate your senses?! Simply watch this video! ASMR Zeitgeist and Frank the binaural microphone present a lot of fresh triggers, each of them unique and highly tingle inducing. This video features: sugar pearls directly on your ears bubbly bath bomb underwater sounds slime on your […]

ASMR FOR TINGLE LOVERS | Spritzy. Bubbly. Scrunchy.

This is for all the TINGLE LOVERS out there! ASMR ZEITGEIST pampers your ears with spritzy, bubbly and scrunchy 3D sound goodness. Listen to your TOP 5 TRIGGERS that you chose from last weeks video! Besides that you’ll enjoy some fresh and unique sounds as well. This video features: BUNCHEMS! (Your favorite) Orbeez ear bath […]

100 Mighty ASMR Triggers for Sleep

YOU are in need for some good sleep?? No problem! ASMR ZEITGEIST presents a tingly compilation that features over 100 (!) mighty ASMR triggers for sleep! Listen to a huge variety of lots of different trigger sounds like whispering, ear cupping, brushing, scratching, ear massage, head massage, ear cleaning, sticky sounds, crinkles, liquids and and […]

ASMR for People Who Don’t Get Tingles

YOU are one of those people who don’t get tingles? A tingle virgin probably? ASMR ZEITGEIST will fix that together with Frank, the binaural microphone! This video features: Whispering Ear cupping (hands, latex gloves, lamp shades) Clay foam on your ears Ear massage Ear cleaning Black peel off mask on your ears Beard Scratching And […]

ASMR LEGENDARY TAPPING | 1,5 hour no talking compilation

ASMR ZEITGEIST performs his most LEGENDARY TAPPING! Fast tapping, slow tapping, aggressive or soft tapping. This 1,5 HOUR (!) no talking compilation contains everything your ASMR loving heart desires! Enjoy the binaural trigger sound of sweet tapping on over 30 different objects with various speed and intensity. Put your headphones on and enjoy some deep […]

ASMR SQUISH & SPRITZ | Spray. Slime. Foam.

Who’s ready for some SQUISH & SPRITZ with ASMR ZEITGEIST?! Summer is right around the corner, so let’s enjoy the refreshing trigger sounds of spray, slime and foam. A pretty famous and cute yellow sponge is also involved! This video features: A high tech cleaning compound with the texture of slime directly on the mic! […]

ASMR TINGLE VISUALIZER | Trigger Words & Tapping

ASMR ZEITGEIST PRESENTS THE TINGLE VISUALIZER! Your trigger words along with nice and tingly tapping become visible on the Tingle Visualizer. So hypnotic! Enjoy the binaural whispering of your requested and most popular trigger words together with some intense tapping. The Tingle Visualizer induces deep relaxation, healthy sleep and of course nice tingles! TRIGGER WORDS […]

ASMR Liquids, Lids & FiZzZz

ASMR ZEITGEIST DOES LIQUIDS, LIDS AND FIZZZZ! The title says it all! Dive into the binaural sounds of various lids and fizzy liquids along with soothing male whispering from ear to ear. This video also features Sponge on the microphone, sherbet powder, a bath bomb, candy and many more trigger sounds. The FiZzZz brings deep […]

ASMR TRIGGER TOYS | Unique. Intense. Tingly.

These unique ASMR TRIGGER TOYS induce some intense tingles! Enjoy the binaural sounds of some crinkly Bunchems and the humming Fidget Spinner along with soothing male whispering. Besides that you’ll be surprised how good tapping on a balloon sounds. Enjoy some deep relaxation, healthy sleep and of course nice tingles! You want your own ASMR […]

ASMR HIGH SPEED TAPPING | Fast. Aggressive. No Mercy.

ASMR ZEITGEIST DOES HIGH SPEED TAPPING! Fast, aggressive and without mercy. Enjoy the binaural trigger sounds of intense speed tapping on different materials along with soothing male whispering from ear to ear. Be warned, the sides effects are: deep relaxation, healthy sleep and of course nice tingles! ————————— You want your own ASMR Zeitgeist cap […]

ASMR TINGLY Q&A | Tapping, Brushing & Scratching | Male Whispering

Hey sweet insomniacs,you, I’m very excited! This my first Q&A and I received a ton of questions from you! I’m gonna try to answer as many of them as I can. I’m gonna do it in a whispered way from ear to ear to relax you. Also this will be accompanied by some relaxing trigger […]

TINGLE TWINS CURE YOUR ASMR IMMUNITY ✰ Tapping, Scratching, Lid Sounds & More ✰ Male Whispering

ASMR for people who cant get tingles! Let the Tingle Twins cure your ASMR immunity! Do you remember the first time you experienced tingles? In this session the Tingle Twins try to bring back the memories to feel the tingles again. You’ll listen to various trigger sounds like tapping, scratching, crlinkling, lid sounds and many […]

STICKIEST ASMR ✰ Sticky Tapping & 3D Sticky Sounds ✰ Male Whispering

Get ready for the stickiest ASMR! This video is all about this sticky tapping and sticky 3d sounds. Enjoy a lot of sticky trigger sounds: lint roller, cello tape, double faced tape, leather, plastic, latex gloves and many more. On top of that soothing and soft male whispering from ear to ear. 3:09 plastic box […]

ASMR ART feat. Karuna Satori ASMR | Whispering & Drawing Sounds

I’m proud to present you a little ASMR art collaboration video with the amazing Karuna Satori ASMR. Please check out her channel and subscribe if you haven’t already: Time stamps: 0:00 zeitgeist draws karuna 14:48 karuna draws zeitgeist Please wear earphones to listen to the 3D-sounds and whispers of this video in full quality. […]

ASMR Breathing Meditation for Deep Sleep (1 HOUR)

This ASMR video helps you to fall asleep FAST!!. You’ll listen to a 1 hour deeply relaxing and very tingly breathing meditation from ear to ear. Find yourself a comfortable position and get ready for intense tingles tingles, deep relaxation and healthy sleep. Sleep well sweet insomniacs! ♥ To experience the binaural 3D sounds of […]